Life Lately

 Everyday my chairs, blankets, couch cushions, mattresses and whatever is available, turns into something besides it's intended purpose.  Usually we have amazing forts somewhere in the house, but lately we've had trains and reindeer out of the chairs.  This is Noah's Christmas train.  He even decorated it with lights.  The babies even got served their cereal on the train by Noah the conductor. 

 The thing we've been doing the most is working on the boys' room.  We got the beds made and hung, walls all textured and finally painted.  We're just waiting for the closet door and then I'll post before and after pictures.  I know you're dying to see it right.  It turned out great, I think.  So for the past few months, all the kids have been in the same room so I could work on plastering the walls in the other room.  Their sleeping quarters is basically a wall to wall mattress and trampoline room.  The kids have loved it. 
 Jumping from bed to bed.
 A sneak peak of Noah's bed.
 The kids and I went to our ward Christmas party last week.  Adam stayed home sick.  We sat by Ava and Grant's nursery leaders, so they helped entertain the kids for the dinner.  They are wonderful! 
 Noah showing Chris (Adam's counselor) his magic salt trick.  He put salt in his hand and then pulled his arm in his sleeve and dumped the salt in his sleeve, and when he pulled his hand out of his shirt the salt was gone.  Magical!  He also found the pepper and dumped it in his water to make pepper water all night. 
See, loves the salt shaker. Maybe that's what he'll get in his stockings. :)  We call Noah, our Christmas boy, because he bugs us EVERYDAY to get more Christmas out or hang up more lights.  He loves holidays and loves to "get out" all the decorations and extras that go along with the special occasion.
 Auntie April (who just made me an aunt again today!) made the kids some Christmas P.J.'s.  She's so sweet.  Oops another shot of Noah's bed - cool, right?  Bet you can't wait to see the room.  OK, so maybe I'm the only one who is that excited about how the room turned out.  You know me, I get giddy about design stuff.

 Our 70's house still has that beautiful acoustic (popcorn) ceilings, so on Monday we had some guys come remove it and re-texture the ceilings.  We had to stay away the entire day, so after preschool we spent the afternoon at the train museum.  Just as we were about to leave, our friends ironically showed up at the toy trains, so we stayed a little longer. 
After the trains, we went across the street to spend $5 on candy, so we could get our $5 parking validation.  It's better to get something for your five bucks than just a parking spot, right?  So that's our life lately. 


The Yoder's Four said...

I can't wait to see that ROOM!

I didn't know April had (or adopted?) another kid! Congrats!!!

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Kyle showed me a picture of the bed on his phone! I ABSOLUTELY love it. Was it hard? How much weight will it hold? These are just some questions you can answer when you post the before and after!

mammasweet said...

I love the bed! A little kid's dream. Can't wait to see the enormous tree you cut all decorated up.

Becca said...

Can I request more pictures of that fantastic bed? I LOVE IT! So unique!