Thanksgiving tooth

This year we didn't have any family in town, and we didn't travel to anywhere, so our friends invited us to have Thanksgiving with their family.  Cooking was super easy - a pecan pie and jello salad (Nancy salad).  Thanksgiving was pretty low key, which was nice.  We had a great day.  

Grant taking his after meal nap.  After he woke up he threw up all over himself and Adam. :/  He has a SUPER sensitive gag reflex and he started coughing and puked up RED jello.  

 This is my friend Kelli and her cute baby Ethan.  We ate dinner at her sisters house.  Her other sister from S. California and her parents were there as well.  Megan, yet another sister of Kelli's, is Evan's mom (from Noah's preschool).  She was in Idaho at her in-laws.  Such a small world.  
Everyone was assigned a pie, so we had a variety to choose from - apple, peach, razzleberry, pecan, cheesecake, pumpkin and cupcakes. 

These little girls mothered Ava the whole afternoon.  They loved to pack her around and show her all the toys.  Ava was in heaven.  I loved it too, because I didn't have to worry about her getting in to trouble.

 The kids enjoying their Thanksgiving cupcakes.  
 Later that night, Noah lost his first tooth. It's been wiggly for a few weeks, but Noah didn't want to pull it out.  Adam told Noah we could go see Arthur Christmas if he lost his tooth.  Adam pushed on it a little and out it popped.  Noah was so excited.  He kept running to a mirror to look at his new hole. 

 Noah painted his tooth fairy box a few days before, in preparation for this day. 
 He was ecstatic that the tooth fairy snuck into his room and left him 17 dimes and a toothbrush (luckily he divulged to me the night before that the tooth fairy was going to leave him a toothbrush and money - I wasn't aware of the toothbrush expectation).  Now he can ask for a new tooth for Christmas. 

Noah and one of his MANY forts that he is in to building these days. 


Ty * April said...

Good job Noah! Madi was so excited for you to lose a tooth. Glad the toothfairy found you.

The pecan pie looks delicious. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

The Yoder's Four said...

Thanksgiving with friends is the best! I hate loose, wiggly teeth. Madelyn's working on #7 right now, but she never lets us touch them.

I hope Grant didn't puke red Jello on that white couch!! Aaaack!!

mommaquincy said...

Congrats to Noah! It looks like you had a great dinner!