Last week we went to Bodega Bay to go crabbing.  It's crab season and catching fresh crab sounded pretty good.  We stayed in a hotel the night before, and the kids loved that.  Funny how kids get so excited about hotels.  Noah went swimming in the pool and jacuzzi at the hotel.  I forgot our swimming suits, so he just went in his undies.
 It was drizzling the whole time, but no one seemed to notice. 

 Min did all the research and bought all the gear to get the crabs.  After an hour or so, and no crab, Min talked to a regular crabber and decided to go get a different cage. 

 It was pretty foggy (and I'm too lazy to photoshop them), so all these pictures are a little hazy.  The Yangs brought their hotel car (motor home) to sleep in, and we all enjoyed a nice warm meal that Mary made.  We didn't actually catch any crab, but now that Min's got all the gear and a little more know-how, we'll try it again.  Even though we left without our dinner, we had a great time.
These 3 really love playing together. Cute cousins.


ellisgomez said...

What an awesome adventure to be remembered :) I wish I lived closer - I would invite myself on the next crabbing trip! We loved living in Carlsbad and being able to run down to the beach and hunt for the little tiney sand crabs... fun times :)
I love the pictures... especially the ones with the seagull sitting on the rock right by the cutokiddos!!

Ty * April said...

You don't need to photoshop these pictures. I love the hazyness of them. So much fun! Your new years eve was more fun than ours. We spent it feeding a baby and dealing with a puker. Oh the joys of parenthood.

Mary said...

great pictures! I need to snatch your camera occasionally so we can get a picture of SUMMER!

mammasweet said...

Yep, I always wonder about our commentator. Mary or Adam could take a picture of Summer and add it to the mix. I'm so glad you guys have each other close. Those little guys are very blessed. Thanks for sharing.

mommaquincy said...

Looks like a fun adventure!