New Years Eve

  Noah picked out these "tiny ice cream" treats for him and the babies.  The babies thought they were so cool.
Then we watched the ball drop at midnight (NYC's midnight), 9pm our time.  They didn't know the difference.
We had some bubbly and taught the kids how to do cheers with their glasses.  They thought it was pretty neat.  The kids don't really get the whole New Years Eve thing, but they loved that it involved treats, glass cups, pop and getting to stay up late.


The Yoder's Four said...

My favorite part of New Years is the sparkling cider. Otherwise it's kind of a useless holiday. I don't even think our kids realized it was going on!

Crabbing looks like fun. Any excuse to go to the beach, right?? And that is a GIGANTIC pool slide Santa brought! Wooooooooo!!

mommaquincy said...

How cute!