H-town for grandma Scholzen

My amazing grandma Scholzen passed away on January 9th, so we went to Hurricane for a week for the funeral and to play with family and friends.  Her is a sweet post Emily did about my grandma, click {here}.   I was able to see a lot of friends and family, during the viewing and funeral, that I usually don't see while visiting H-town.  There were some great memories shared about grandma.  One thing I realized that my grandma was amazing at, was journal writing.  She's written her entire history and published it for us.  Many of her exerts where shared in her funeral.  It makes me want to be better at keeping up this blog, since this is my journal.  Sometimes when I'm posting stuff I get nervous about what other people might think (not that I really care what other people think of me, I just don't want this blog to come across the wrong way).  I don't want to come across as bragging or hurt anyone's feelings (anyone else feel this way when blogging?).  So, know that my intentions are to merely document the fun, mundane, exciting, embarrassing, happy day to day life of our family.  OK off the soap box.
Anyway, I'm so happy that my grandma is finally with her sweetheart again.  She's been a widow for 24 years.  I keep imagining her reunion with him in heaven, and I can't help but smile. 
Believe it or not I didn't take that many pictures while we were there.  So, this is what I've got to share.  Maybe someday I'll get the pictures April took (not holding my breath - j/k Lirpa). We stayed with grandma Connie and grandpa Rob.  The basement is empty, so we have plenty of room to throw our stuff and lay our heads.  My kids love to torture grandpa Rob - here they were being somewhat civil and just overtaking his iPad. Thanks hotel Carriers!

 Grandma's viewing.  All my aunts and uncles (aunt Nancy is MIA in this picture) and my mom. 
 Most of the trip consisted of playing with cousins and visiting family.  Here's another post Emily did about our visit to g-ma and g-pa Ballards - click {here}.The entire Ballard clan (minus Tyson), and the Ashcrofts, went up to my parents cabin Sunday afternoon for dinner.  There is a small loft playhouse that the kids love. 
 Amazing we could make it all the way to the cabin in the middle of January.  Usually it's covered in snow.  Kyle, April, Rachelle holding Boston, Kip, Ali, and papa Bruce.  Boston was blessed in April's ward right before this. 
 My mom's always afraid she won't have enough food, so she brings enough for about 3 times the amount of people in attendance.  No wonder I cook way to much food every meal - it's genetic.   
 The 2 newest members of the family, Ali and Boston.  My brother did a great job at picking his wife - Ali is great.  
 My baby sister. A.K.A. Shalextra, Shaherazod (Adam said with emphasis on the 'od'), Rash, oh there are so many names....and baby Gus. 
 Em trying to take a picture of us with her lame shoulder. 
 My 18 year old cousin, Andy.  I still think he's 12, but he claims he's grown up while I've been away.  Whatever!  The reason I own any clothing.....my sister Melissa. 
The newest momma, my other sister April and baby Boston.  I was happy that I got to see my cute nephew while he was still a newborn.  He has delicious cheeks. 
 Boston and Melissa - baby hungry Mel?  Remember your broken promise? 

 Granty in his favorite position. The blurriness must be from Em's lame shoulder. :)

 Grant and Boston.  Grant was surprisingly cute with Boston. He kept going over to him and saying, "Hello little buddy."  I thought he'd be jealous. 
 Ty and April took the kids repelling.  Madi's a pro already and jumps down that mountain like she's been doing it since birth. 
 Noah's first time repelling.  Thank's Ty, Noah thought it was so cool he could walk down the side of a mountain. 

 The Ballard clan eating out.  The restaurants are very limited when you have a party of 20!

 Kip, Ali and Tyson took Noah to the dinosaur tracks.  Noah was in heaven.  (thanks for the pictures Kip)

 They happen to take guns with them too, so they did a little shooting out there.  Noah's been telling me all about the rules of shooting.  He pretends he has shotguns and 'trifles' (he can't ever remember they are called rifles) all day.   Tyson is great with the kids.  They can get him to do whatever they want.

Showing off their targets.  Noah brought his demolished bottle home to show me.  He was so proud.  

We had a great trip to H-town.  Other things we did (no pictures):
* Played at Kate and Brooks' house. Jana watched the babies while we were at the funeral, and when we went to pick them up for the graveside she had them all dressed and ready with a treat baggy in hand.  What great babysitting - she's amazing.
* Went to the movie with Jana, Kate, Brooke, Madi, Meg and Rachelle. 
*Played with Gubler's and Leah (not too much since they ditched us to come to Cali - oh well, guess you'll have to make another trip out here)
*Had a little get together with our friends from high school.
*Hung out with lots of family.
* Grant's favorite part was the ride that uncle Lukey gave him on his digger.  He told EVERYONE about the "funny digger" and "getting stuck and fixing the mountain".
* Swimming in the hot pool.
I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of anything else right now.

We had a great time in good 'ol Hurricane.  


mommaquincy said...

sounds like a great lady! and a fun trip1

Ty * April said...

Wow! look at all the appearances little Boston made in this post. He's on your blog almost as much as mine. :) Probably because he is so cute. Don't worry, his cheeks are getting even more scrumptious. We loved having you visit. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures either.

The Yoder's Four said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma!! Glad you had such a fun trip with ALL that family, though! That pic of Grant and Boston is to die for. I love babies.

mammasweet said...

....and now I know where you were all week. Next time I'll share some picture from my end of the spectrum.