A 'Sweet' Baby Shower

 Before we get to the baby shower.....I forgot to post these on the last post, but I wanted to show Em and Kyle how cute their little boy is (not that they didn't already know this).  I added a few actions in Photoshop and it made a huge difference. First picture is right out of the camera, and one above is with the actions.  I don't really like pictures to look 'doctored' so I try not to go too crazy with the adjusting.  Makes me wish I had time to Photoshop all my pictures before I post.  Sorry, you get what you get.

 Remember how Adam gave me a girls night out every month with some friends from the ward?  We've been pretty faithful about doing an outing every month, and we've all become really good friends.  Kelli, Jen and I decided we needed to give Katie a baby shower since this will be her first girl (she has a little boy already).  We had fun planning the shower and it turned out great.  One of the items on my list was to bring mandarins, so we headed up to Penryn and went to one of our favorites orchards.  We frequent a few of them up there, but we really like this one, because after we pick up our Mandarins the kids get to feed the dogs and goats. 
 The goats come and eat right out of their hands.  The kids think it's great.

 And of course, they love the dogs.
 I saw a house for sale on this cute road in Penryn, so we went to check it out (way out of our price range btw- not that we're looking anyway, but I would love to live here someday).  We've passed this Moose mailbox a few times, but I finally had my camera with me.  Cute, huh?!
I was searching for free Photoshop brushes to use for an invitation and I came upon these fruit brushes.  I thought they were so cute I decided to make the invitation out of them.  It took me a few hours, because I had to figure out all the layers to get the different colors on the fruit.  Anyway, I love how they turned out. 
We decided to stick with the fruit theme and decorate around it.  I dried some cucumbers, apples, lemons and limes, and then tied them together with twill.  FYI - limes and cucumbers smell awful when they're drying.  I also made some tissue paper pom poms.  The one above was hanging on the entryway wall, and the other was above the couch in the family room.

 I hung some balloons from the beam too.
 Turned out cute.
 Katie - the mommy-to-be. 
 We served a yummy brunch - fruit and fruit dips, cinnamon rolls, quiche, breads and juice.
 I made little tags that matched the invitation.  YUMMY dips.  I'll post the recipes soon.
 Since we were serving fruit, and it was our theme, it was easy to decorate.

 Jen, one of the hostesses.
 We had quite a few people show up (filled my dinning and living room).  Anyone from Hurricane recognized Sister Halladay?  Small world, huh?!  The Halladays used to live in Hurricane, and now they're in my ward in California.  Her husband went to school with my dad. CRAZY!
 More party goers.  We played 2 games.  First was a princess game, where you had to answer questions about the Disney princesses.  It was cute.  I'll post it here (in case anyone needs to use it) when I get a copy of it.  We also played a game where we asked Katie's husband some questions and she had to guess what he said.  Everyone loved this game, because they didn't have to participate and it was fun to listen to the answers.
These are the questions, and answers, that we asked. We also made Katie answer for herself as well as what she thought Ivan said.  (If you don't care, scroll past the small print.)
Ivan When will your daughter start sleeping through the night? Not when you HOPE she will, but when do you think she will? --I think she will start at about 3 months. I remember Tyson started sleeping through the night pretty early. But maybe my memory fails me and that is why Katie is pregnant again because I can't remember the hard things about a new kid!

What color of clothes do you like best on baby girls?
--Blue and White. Just like BYU. If it isn't BYU colors, I would go with pink. I guess I want my girl to be girlie.

How long do you think Katie will be in labor?
--Well if it was anything like last time it would be forever! :) jk I would guess this go around it would be about 7 hrs.

What do you think Tyson's first reaction will be when he sees his baby sister?
--It will be something like this: "NO NO NO...NO babysister. Babysister stay outside!"

Which size of diaper will your daughter wear when she comes home from the hospital?
--Is there a size zero? I am going with size zero.
How much does a baby have to weigh before she can face forward in a car seat?
--I think it is 35 lbs. Either 35 lbs. or 16 years of age...one of the two.
How many diapers do you think a baby needs each day?
--Depends on the day but I would say about 5-ish.
How many diapers do you plan to change each day?
--Can I really choose the amount I change each day??? Cause if I could I would probably got with zero. But since I don't think I get to pick, I plan on changing two.
How many hours does a newborn baby sleep each day?
--13-14 hours. The 9-10 hours they are up are from 12 pm to 8 am.
At what age does a baby start eating solid food (anything besides milk)?
--1 yrs old.
What color and how much hair will your baby have?
--Blonde and a lot! I hope she looks like Katie.

How many kids do you think you will have?
--Katie will say four. I say 17. I don't know why she doesn't want 17.

Who will be the disciplinarian to this little girl? 
--Katie for sure, especially if she looks like her mama.
Will you let your little girl get away with more "naughty" things than Tyson?
   --Definitely! The girl can do whatever she wants. Tyson has a short leash.
How many times a day does a newborn eat?
   --Yikes. Five times?
What would Katie appreciate the most, from you, after the baby is born?
   --Katie would appreciate the most for me to play with Tyson to make sure he  doesn't feel neglected because his new sister gets  all the attention. That and picking up a little better than I have in the past.
What do Graco, Peg Perego, and Maclaren have in common?
   --Either a really bad law firm or the three of those are baby car seat companies.
What should you always bring your wife when she breastfeeds?
  --Breast pads??!? Is that too personal? If it is, sorry Katie. I love you. Probably her cover thing, that is the less personal answer.
Your wife is so sleep deprived that she can't see straight. You:__________
  --I buy a little Caesar's pizza because I don't know how to cook. Tell her to go to bed and try and hold down the fort until she has a nap. 
What's the number one never-leave-home-without-it item you should bring for an outing at the park with your 6-month-old?
--Pretzels and fish. Tyson needs his snacks.
Tyson What color of hair do you think your baby sister will have?
  --"Green. Purple and Green."
Which toys will you let her play with?
  --"No play with toys."
How many kisses will you give her when she wakes up?
Where will your baby sister sleep?
  --"In a warm cozy bed." "Outside."
Who is going to hold your baby sister?
  --Tyson hold baby sister
How long will your baby sister stay in your house? 
--"Purple and Green" He didn't really understand the question.
 Kelli, the other hostess, handing out prizes. 

I think it turned out great, and hopefully Katie felt the same way.  She got some adorable outfits, and some amazing homemade quilts.  We have some very talented women in our ward.
  This is what I gave her - a self-binging blanket and a vinyl diaper changer.  I'm going to do some tutorials on them since this is my go-to shower gift, and it would be nice to have the instructions in one place.
 And as our guests left, we gave them a party favor to take home.  I had some left-over chocolate melts from previous birthday cakes, so I was able to use them up to make these. I love those big pink ball sprinkles.
So there you have it, what consumed all my time last week.  It was my turn for pre-school, so that is what consumed my time this week.  To see that post, click {here}.
We've been busy, but luckily it's been enjoyable along the way.


-Kyle and Emily- said...

How fun! I love the invitations. I love the pics of cute Gusbert, photoshop is so time consuming when you don't know what you are doing. Kyle wants me to take a class this summer that the college offers, we will see if that happens:)

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Also, I got my blog book from blurb. It turned out great. I will send you some pictures of it.

bethany said...

You're very crafty, punjab. It's exhausting for me to even see the pics

The Yoder's Four said...

OK, let's hurry it up with the recipes!! Those pictures are making me drool!!

Your friend is lucky to have such a talented person throwing her baby shower. Seriously.

rachelle said...

Ditto Beverly. Massive amounts of exhausted ditto. You know what it looks like to me? Looks like those tiny tots need a pet. As you put it, they just LOOOOOVE petting those goats and pups. C'mon shlum, lets start the farm Adam was meant to hate. Cool that you have friends too, I wouldn't have believed it till you put up the picture proof;).

mammasweet said...

Summer, you are so cool. The Halladay's look familiar, did they belong to the old 4th Ward? You could start a catering business with your skills.

mommaquincy said...

Wow! You are so good!