No Fish Heads in the Toilet

Last Sunday morning we decided since Adam had Monday off work, we would head up to Mt. Shasta after church.  Look at us being spontaneous! We have 1:00 church, so we ran (not literally) home and through a few winter clothes in the car and headed north.  We found a really ghetto motel near lake Shasta and spent the night.  The kids could careless about the aesthetics of a motel, as long as it's somewhere besides their own beds.  They loved it.  It reminded me of the places you would see on CSI or Law and Order.  I loved the sign above the toilet about not flushing down fish heads. Lake Shasta is a great fishing lake, so I'm sure fish heads have made it down the white thrown before.
Of course the beds are hard and hurt our 30+ year old backs, but kids didn't seem to mind.
Noah was up bright and early, ready to go find snow.  I realize the clock says 8:28, and no, I don't consider that early.  That was just when we ate breakfast. Lake Shasta didn't have snow, but just up the hill about 40 minutes we found our snow.
Anyone want to buy a really nice Tahoe with just under 100,000 miles?

Our boys, Ava and Noah.  We put the wrong coats on Grant and Ava.  Getting ready for sledding.
Noah loved sledding.  He didn't love wearing all the clothes that go with playing in the snow, but he loved the rest of it.
The babies (why do I still call them babies?) climbing the mountain for their first sledding ride.
Ava (found the right coat) found these baby snowmen and immediately tipped them over.
My turn to take a ride with Noah.
The babies did NOT like the snow.
See how happy they are to be here?!
Our sledding hill.  Nice and foggy. It's beautiful up there.
Granty toppled off the sled and scratched his forehead on the snow.  He was done after that.  We've been told about 10 times a day since, "Snowman mean. I so so mad.  Snowman hurt head." To Grant, all snow is a snowman.
Noah going down the hill by himself.  He had some good runs.
Sorry, the Tahoe isn't available with less than 100k miles anymore. :(
After we experienced the snow, we drove around lake Shasta and daydreamed about owning property there someday.  This is one of the properties we did a little exploring on.


mommaquincy said...

That looks like a beautiful spot! Poor little Grant!

The Yoder's Four said...

Grant's poor little head! He looks so sad! Awww.

I remember when snow used to be a novelty. THOSE were the days!! *sigh* Madelyn loves playing in it and Luke loves eating it. I just stay inside and look at it. We still have a snow banks in our yard from 3 months ago...

bethany said...

Grant looks so much like adam. I'm sure you're tired of hearing, but sometimes the resemblance just knocks my socks off and I have to say it again. I love all your little excursions, it looks life fun!

mammasweet said...

You have the best times! Thanks for now showing us fish heads in the white throne. I love you guys.

Becca said...

Ah, you capture such great moments! Loved reading about this, and the sign above the toilet really makes the whole trip, in my opinion.