Self Binding Receiving Blanket

 Sorry Melissa, I promised this post a week ago, but we've had a fun weekend with company.  Anyway, you probably already found another site, but here goes anyway.  My go-to baby shower present is a homemade self-binding blanket and a changing pad. So, if you're invited to the same baby shower as me, please make something else (or at least use different fabric). :)  

1. Cut out 30" square of flannel for the front of the blanket.
Cut 40" square of flannel for the back of blanket.
 (wash and iron fabric before starting)
 2. Mark the middle of all four sides of both square pieces.  
3. One side at a time, pin right sides together starting at center marks.

 4. Sew from the middle out to 1/4" away from the corner of the front piece of flannel.  You will have an extra piece of flannel from the back sticking out.
5. Turn and sew from the center out to 1/4" away from the other corner.  Repeat for two more sides.  On the fourth side leave about 6" opening in the middle for turning.  

 Should look something like the picture above.  I lightly iron the edges at this point to make it easier to see where the corners should make their 90's. 
 6. Lay the blanket out flat.  You will notice that the back flannel will fold over the front flannel piece.  Now is the time to sew the corners.
 7.  Now sew the corners.  Fold your blanket so that side seams meet.  Match the "stop points" that are 1/4" away from the corner.  Mark line from the fold at a 90-degree angle from the fold to the "stop point".  Sew on this line stopping at the "stop points".  
Basically sew a line along the crease that forms after you iron. 
 8.  Trim the excess off.
9. Turn blanket out.  Iron/Steam press "binding". Sew a decorative stitch around the edges (this will seal your 6" opening). 
Wrap it up nice and cute, and Voila, a cute homemade gift. 


The Yoder's Four said...

Yes! Thank you!! Your pictures are much more clear than the tutorial I was using. I am going to try this again...wish me luck...

bethany said...

Way neat martha.