I'm so mean - at least that's what my children tell me frequently.  I guess this proves it.  I used to put Ava and Grant on the bar counter because they couldn't get down.  I hate putting them back on the stairs 100 times before they stay there.  I have my aloe vera plant on that counter and the basket of diapers, so Ava would through them off (remember, she is up there because she's in trouble, so she's already angry).  Anyway, a few weeks ago I put Ava on this saddle chair (Adam got it in Chile) and she got scared on it.  The light bulb went off in my head..... a perfect time-out chair.  They don't dare move because it's unstable, unless you hold still (at least for little people that can't touch the floor).  Mean mom, I know, but the babies hate it so it's serves its purpose. 
- Side note:  No matter what I put on Ava, she adds that skirt to it almost everyday.  She's either only in undies, or has that skirt on. 
We have been so busy the last couple of weeks.  It seemed like we had something everyday and every night last week.  Jen decided to throw together a last minute Valentine's party for the kids (go Jen, you're ambitious).  We had a potluck lunch, played with toys, danced in the bubbles and decorated sugar cookies.  

 Eating icing Decorating their sugar cookies.

 The best part - eating them.

 Hazel and Ava looked like twins, both in dark pants and pink shirts. 
 Ava and I taking pictures of each other.  Sorry Ava, yours didn't turn out. 
 Katie, hours before she delivered sweet baby Abigail.  
 Baby Gus sent us the cutest Valentine, along with these wax mustaches. The kids thought they were great. 

We went to a pediatric dentist office for a busy bees field trip last week too.  You can see that {here}.


Joe said...

Good Post, Punjabbit. You guys have been busy! It looks like you have a cool ward

Joe said...

Wait, this isn't Joe. This is beth

The Yoder's Four said...

LOL!!! That last picture of Ava is priceless!!!

Ty * April said...

Glad she loves that skirt as much as meg did. Loved your enrichment. You make us all look bad with as much as you do.