Music, Weather and More

My friend, Jen, is an amazing musician and she started a toddler music class.  We go every Friday morning and the kids love it.  They learn lots of new songs, play instruments, dance around.  In this picture they are doing a ribbon dance.
How do I keep my house clean?  Child labor! My kiddos love to vacuum.  I'm not going to hinder their fun, so I let them vacuum all they want.  I'm such a nice mom. Granty loves to wear other peoples shoes.  This time he only found one of Noah's flip flops.

Cheese balls watching Grant do the vacuuming.
Ava's turn to clean the floors.  Next she had to scrub the toilets and empty the dishwasher (just kidding - I'm sure she went and dumped out the toys).

Super bowl feast.  To be honest I didn't even know who was playing in the super bowl, but I got some unhealthy treats to celebrate anyway. That's what the super bowl is all about anyway.......the food.
The kids LOVED the cheetos. 
This little girl loves Guacamole (it's even in her nose from licking it off the plate).  She dips her chip in the guac and then just licks it off the chip - only one chip needed.  We had some friends come over around half-time and had dinner with us.  They have 4 boys, so the kids were having a great time running around the house.   
No, I'm not showing off this hideous thermostat, I wanted you to see the temperature. It's February and it's 70 degrees outside (yesterday it was 72)!  I know you are sick of me bragging about the weather, but we just can't get over how amazing it is here. This winter has been exceptionally great. Em, no wind, warm weather, warm nights, great company.....what more could you want?
Sometimes after a particularly warm day, Adam and I get on KSL.com to check how cold it is in SLC. It's fun. :)  

The kids think we should be swimming and playing in the sprinklers, but since that isn't going to happen, they started their usual taking off their clothes routine.
Only topless, not bad.

There we go, that's more like them.

Of course we've been busy working on the house. We finished texturing the entry, living room and dining room.
The aftermath from sanding all night.  Yuck!  What a mess.  We still have white dust on many surfaces of the house. The next night we primed all the walls.  Tomorrow we'll get some of it painted, hopefully.

This week we all took turns going to the dentist.  I'm really embarrassed to say how long it's been since Adam and I have been (3+years). Yikes - you can disown us Jana if you are completely disgusted.  Adam kept telling me we were borderline third world country/'LaVerkinites', so I finally scheduled us our appointments.  We've been getting all of Noah's kindergarten registration stuff done, and going to the dentist was the last thing before we can sign him up.  He was nervous, but excited to go to the dentist.  Our dentist is in our ward, so he at least knew who we were going to see.
He did great. He got right up in the chair, opened his mouth and closed is eyes (he said the light was too bright).  The whole appointment was only about 5 minutes long.  Dr. Wilkes said he has beautiful teeth - no signs of any problems, other than he doesn't have a lot of room, so he'll need braces someday.  What would childhood be like without braces?  It's part of the package, right?
He got a buzz light year toothbrush and toothpaste and 2 tokens to use in the toy machines.  He was so excited.  He called his dad on the way home and told him all about it.  Who knew going to the dentist could be so great. 


The Yoder's Four said...

"LaVerkinites?" BA!!!

Quit rubbing it in about your nice weather!! Actually it hasn't been all that bad this winter. In the 40s and 50s and such!

bethany said...

Hurry and post some pictures of your paint color.

rachelle said...

You realize your children are products of a Rachelle-inspired world, right? Dancing, jumping on trampolines and in general being their happiest selves naked, enjoying your superbowl treats (I missed that so much this year I nearly bawled. Zero cares about the game, but your shmorgus board of food....that I felt nostaglic for). Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on having cool kids who are headed towards greatness, if I do say so myself. I'm excited and a wee bit scared to come out and watch the freaks.

mammasweet said...

Noah is so brave and grown up! I know lots of grown men who are afraid of the dentist. Adam stopped wearing his retainer about 10 minutes after he had his braces off, so watch out for that:-)

Summer said...

Moms lie: I had three retainers nd wore them for years - and Summer may have gone 3+ years between cleanings, for me it was barely two because I fear the effects of a laverkin lifestyle

Summer said...

The last comment was from Adam, BTW.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

I feel bad for the poor hygienist that got stuck with your rotten teeth! Poor girl didn't know what was coming when you laverkinites walked through those doors:) Miss those munchkins...

Cheryl Hall said...

I can't believe how big your kids are already! And how much Grant looks like Adam!!!!! Miss you guys!