Quiet Book Numero 2

 The rains have come with a vengeance, so we've been finding things to do inside.  I've been finishing up some unfinished sewing projects.  I finally got around to making another quiet book cover, and getting all the pages sewn together (most of the pages are from Emily's quiet book group).  My first quiet book cover was a little too big, so this one is a much better fit. I still need to add the metal brackets on the pages to put a ring through.
 Little apple computer.
 Peek-A-Boo and Mom's purse pages (paper phone, money, cards, etc. are inside).

Apple snaps and monkey colors.

 Flower pot buttons and elephant (this was my page).  You can put your fingers through his trunk and feed him the peanuts.
Car and road and braiding lions tail.
 Piggy bank

Sorry I'm slow about replying.  I didn't use a pattern, so here's a rough idea and rough measurements of what I did.
1. Cut out fabric for pocket (if you want on on the cover).  My pocket is 6 1/2" x 5 1/2".
2. Sew bias tape around entire square.
3. Cut out cover pieces. Fold fabric in half and cut out a rectangle.  My FINISHED piece is 26 1/2 x 13, so add some to each end depending on your sewing allowance. You should have 2 rectangle pieces (if you folded the fabric).
4. Sew your pocket on to the RIGHT SIDE of 1 of the rectangles. This way the stitch isn't visible on the outside. Remember to only sew along the 2 sides and the bottom, so the top is open.
5. Now sew your rectangles together with RIGHT SIDES together. Leave a small opening, so you can turn out the fabric.
6. Cut out your handle and hook holder (piece on the inside, where you can put the rings through). My FINISHED pieces are just shy of 2" wide x 10 3/4" long.  Add your sewing allowance to this measurement. 
7. Sew RIGHT SIDES together (mine is a solid, so this part didn't really matter).  Leave a small opening to turn out fabric.  I also added a single layer of Pellon interfacing to the handle for added bulk (didn't do this for the inside one).  So, if you add the Pellon you will have your 2 fabrics RIGHT SIDES together and then a layer of pellon, sew, and then turn out.  This is what I do for my quiet book pages as well (Sew two pages together with a layer of Pellon in the middle).
8. Once all your pieces are folded out (cover and 2 handles), place the 2 handles in the center of the rectangle cover - 1 on the outside (the Pellon one) and 1 on the inside.  Sew into place.  I do 3 squares (top, middle and bottom) with an X in the middle of the squares for added durability.
9. The fun part :/ - sewing on the zipper.  You'll have to find a long zipper, which is a chore all by itself.  I finally found some at JoAnnes. The colors are slim pickings at this size.  I got the "fat" zippers, so it's easier for little fingers to open.  Sorry I threw the package away, or I could give you the size and gauge.  It was a double zipper (2 pulls), but you end up cutting one end off, so you're left with the one pull.  Basically I just pinned the fabric and zipper together until it looked right and then through trial and error (and a few un-pickings) it worked.  Don't cut off the ends until you're certain it works.  Start in the middle (center of the handle) of the cover with the zipper closed.  Also, be sure to sew the zipper to the INSIDE of the cover. Sorry this part is a little confusing.  I should have taken pictures while I was making this last one.

Hope that helps.  Good luck.



mammasweet said...

I should finish mine, still missing pages. You do such nice work.

bethany said...

you should go into business. I'd pay $35 for that. That means you'd make about .50 cents an hour.

The Yoder's Four said...

That is ADORABLE. I want one!! Super cute in every way.

Becca said...

Ah, so cute! I've been wanting to make my own quiet book, and this inspires me...if only I knew how to sew!

mommaquincy said...

You must have the quietest kids in Sacrament Meeting!!