Flowers, Potties, Demo and Bikes

 After preschool last week I found some of my flowers, lovingly picked on the ground.  Now they get to brighten our kitchen.  I love these flowers - iceland poppies and birds of paradise.  We've been working on a few yard projects as well, so I'll have to post those soon. 
 Blackmail picture.  Granty on the potty in a tutu.  He's going to love this picture when he's older, I'm sure of it.   
 Finished with demo.  We got most of the demo done last week.
 Our bedroom/bathroom is now visible from most of the house.  Notice a cute little curly haired girl? 

 The kids clapping for Kevin, our framer.  We didn't dare tackle this part on our own - afraid the walls would come tumbling down if we tried to frame. 
 The downstairs closet all framed in.  
Kevin had an audience most of the time.  Grant asked him a million questions, and usually the same one each time.  
 The upstairs bathroom/laundry room almost all framed in.  

This is how they watched most of the time, with their ears plugged. 
The kiddos favorite thing to do - go out front and ride their bikes.  I only make Noah wear a helmet when he's on his 2-wheeler, but the babies thought it looked cool so they joined in.  (By this time Noah ditched his bike for the tricycle)
They love to go to one of the neighbors and go down her little hill.  


The Ellis Family said...

There is always something fun going on at your house!

Mary said...

Awesome about the framing! I won't be using your bathroom tomorrow:) And I laughed to see Noah back on the tricycle. Freddie and Charlotte fight for Lionel's trike EVERYDAY. Min's hoping to find a mower at Denio's tomorrow, so we'll be over ripe and early.

The Yoder's Four said...

Grant looks so very pretty in that tutu!!

Ty * April said...

I love the audience. That must be how Ty feels when he is home trying to do something. three little kids following him everywhere. There would be four if Boston could move himself. Excited to see the how the projects turn out.

Becca said...

Ok, so I know this is an older post, but I was trying to find the pictures of the bunk beds to show our friends since your bunk beds are pure awesomeness, and I saw this picture of Granty and had to comment. Here is my comment: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I love it!