Party #4 and Swimming Season Opens

We had our friends, the Tidwells (Tyson above hunting for eggs), over for a FHE BBQ on Monday.   We had yet another egg hunt, but this time the kids didn't care so much about it because the daddy's were opening the pool.  Once they noticed it was open the hunt was over, all they wanted to do was swim.
 Grant new right were to go this time for all the eggs.

Ava found about 3 eggs and then just sat down to eat the candy. 

 Warm enough to swim around and have fun, but not warm enough for this momma to get in yet.  I'm a pansy, I'll admit it.
 YEAH!!  It's swimming season.  Noah couldn't be happier.  
Oh yeah, it started raining Tuesday, so his excitement was short lived.
Ava testing out her new goggles.  Dinner this time was hamburgers, salad, chips, lemon cupcakes.  I think it's time for fish and broccoli!

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