Nature Hike

Lots of pictures and posts to follow. Consider yourself "caught up" with my pictures.
 Donna, the associations greenbelt diva?, did a little nature tour last week.  Kelli joined us, and we learned all about different animals and plants that live in our greenbelt. 
 Donna hid some Easter eggs along the path, so the kids thought that was fun.  It's been very wet here the past month, so everything is very green.  It's very pretty here when everything is so green and blooming.
 We found some trees that the beavers have cut down.
 We found and learned about tadpoles, where the turtles sit in the sun, where the salmon jump up the river, squirrels, river otters, beavers, the native plants, and bees.  Someone on the trail said the coyotes were out and about, but we didn't see them. 
 The kids collecting some of their treasure hunt items (different types of oak balls and leaves)
 Grant searching for a blue flower.  He wouldn't settle for the white or purples ones right in front of him.
We love our greenbelt.  So many cool things live there that we get enjoy.


Mary said...

Ah, the pictures we've been waiting for! You guys had a very busy weekend--thanks for sharing part of it with us!

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Wow, Adam is OLD Happy Birthday ya old fart! You went to a lot of Easter gatherings, I bet Noah enjoyed every one of them. I think we want to come in June or July when it is nice and toasty and we can test out the slide!

The Yoder's Four said...

Jealous of all that greenery and wildlife! Sure beats all the squirrels and prairie dogs we have here.

mammasweet said...

Yup, I've walked down that trail with you guys. Hope the reconstruction is coming along alright.

Jen said...

beautiful! We have a lot of green space here and I can't wait until Nolan is a big bigger so we can get a bike seat and enjoy it.

bethany said...

It's nuts that you live next to Zion National Park. That's really cool for Noah, being all out-doorsy and such. Wait, all of your kids are that way. And good job to you for getting them out there all the time.