Party #1

 Easter weekend was FULL of egg hunt and PARTIES (get-together is probably more accurate than party).  Friday we had a BBQ with some of Adam's co-workers.  Our friend Jared (he used to work with Adam, but moved to the San Jose branch) came up to visit.  Noah LOVES having people over for dinner.  He asks every night who's coming over to eat with us. 
 Sorry, kind of a yucky picture - not the people just the exposure and blurriness. :)
 The kids enjoying some Doritos and a movie while the grown-ups chat.
 Jared (our in-house hairstylist), Jared (the friend who moved to San Jose), Debbie (her husband is Adam's water treading buddy and former co-worker).
Not sure what they were looking at, but they look pretty comfortable.  What was for dinner?......Tri-tip, snickers salad, chips and red-velvet cake. 

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mammasweet said...

Perfect Birthday party, Summer. Adam looks very contented and everyone else seems completely entertained. We're excited for the reunion, just to join forces for a few days.