M.I.A. - Florida

 I can't believe it's been a month since I posted last.  We have been so BUSY.  I'll try to catch up.  Adam and I went to Key Biscayne, Florida  a few weeks ago.  His work takes the top 5% (nationally) from each department and sends them (plus a guest) on an all expense paid vacation.  Adam did amazing last year, so he earned us a spot on this trip.  The weather was pretty crappy, as in, it rained cats and dogs the first 2 days; however, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton, so the accommodations made up for the rain.
 Adam (in the red) standing in front of our hotel.  I barely got my camera out of the bag, so the pictures are scarce.  They did have a photographer that took pictures during the trip, but I'm not sure if we will ever see those.  I do have some of printed pictures of Adam and I, but I don't have a scanner.  I regret not taking my camera to the dinners, because the decorations were incredible.  I'm betting they spent upwards of $15k+ just on decorations each night.  No joke. The food was great and abundant.  There was a room set up just for Fidelity, whenever we needed a snack we could raid the snack room.  It was great - I love free stuff.  Every night after dinner we got a little present in our room. We got the royal treatment. 
 Adam went to seminars in the mornings, while I read slept.  In the afternoon we were supposed to go on a catamaran excursion, but since it was raining they sent us to a baseball game.  We saw the Marlins vs. Diamondbacks game. They had this chintzy set-up for the home runs.
 We did get to go on our yacht cruise around Miami harbor.  It took us around Star island (where a lot of famous people have homes).  Unfortunately, I can't remember which house belongs to which person. :)
 I think this is Gloria Estefan's home.
P. Diddy's home.  His was the only one that was covered by trees, so you can't really see his house.
The Adam's Family house - used in both movies.  It was a nice trip and I'm so proud of my hubby for doing such a good job at work.  


ellisgomez said...

So cool! SO fun! Both of you - so deserving!!!

Becca said...

Yay for Adam!