My Cute Noah

 Funny story: The other day (OK, a few weeks ago. I told you I'm behind) Noah came in and told us the playroom door was locked (he proudly admitted it too).  He immediately suggested we call the fire department, and the firemen would come and unlock the door.  We made is sort of a big deal that we couldn't get into that room now, and all his toys are now locked up in there.  After we explained that the fire department doesn't come to open doors, they are for emergencies (we had to define emergencies too), Noah was in tears.  I almost immediately figured out where he got the idea - Curious George.  We tried to credit card the door (which the kids thought was awesome, even though it didn't work), but eventually Adam had to kick the door in.  Yeah, he's cool like that.  It was only an options because we are replacing all the interior doors at the moment.  Otherwise, we really would have left that door locked with all the toys in there.  I can just imagine the whole scenario playing out in Noah's mind; unfortunately, it didn't end like he thought.
 The kids and I cleared off the patio (we had a pile of rocks on it) and we found 2 garden snakes.  Those snakes kept Noah and Ava occupied for hours. 

 Noah's snake slithered away, which cause some major tears, and Ava's died.  We don't have the best luck with creatures surviving at our house. 


Becca said...

I'm concerned that Noah learned a bad lesson--if you lock the door to a room, your cool dad will kick in the door. What if he expects this every time? It could get really expensive. :)

Jessica said...

Cute story. Love the little snakes. Jacob got locked in his bedroom the other night, somehow... must have been a ghost. After trying to drill the lock for an hour, and 2 broken drill bits, Dan kicked that door in too. We were not planning to replace our doors though, bummer. Oh well, kids are crazy, what are you going to do? Just enjoy them I say.

mommaquincy said...

I say take the locks off of the kid's rooms!!