Bringhursts Visit

 The first of June brought some fun visitors........the Bringhurst Family.  We had lots of fun with these guys.  These 4 pictures are the only ones I got the entire time.  April had her camera, so I let her do all thve photography; unfortunately, I forgot to get them off her memory card before they left.  I may never see them (j/k, Lirpa - but really I would love to have them).  We went  boating, swimming, to the train museum, BBQ'ing, and more swimming. 
 Ava developed a fear of the boat this year.  In this family that is unacceptable, so we've since taken a few more trips out to the lake and she has gotten a little better. 
 Crazy haired Noah.  Believe it or not, this was our first boating trip of the season.  Disgraceful, I know, but we've been a little busy around here. 
Chunky baby Boston was so fun to hold.  Now I know why the Hurricanites call him "the boss".  He really does get what he wants, and I didn't help the matters either.  I couldn't help but pick him up when he screeched for attention.
Ty recorded this on his phone.  Madi and Noah on the tube.  They were having a good time, so Adam decided to pick up the pace a little and send them over a huge wave.  Right before Ty and I start laughing hysterically, you can see Madi and Noah fly out of the tube.  They loved it (we loved watching it too if you can't tell).  
Thanks again Bringhursts for coming.  We had a blast!


The Jones Family said...

It looks like so much fun! I'm totally laughing right now that my family aren't the only ones to use the name Lirpa. I love keeping up on your adventures, you guys are great :)

The Yoder's Four said...

I miss boating! So fun to see April and that chunky little baby. "The Boss" hahahhahaha