Noah's Primary Talk

Noah gave a primary talk a few weeks ago, and he did such a great job. He drew all the pictures and was so brave. He wasn't as enthused to do it a second time for the camera, so hopefully you can understand him.


Rachelle said...

cute little fart. He always looks so blasted old with his short hair. I love Ava's voice in the background getting very motherly with a dog or some sort of creature. It's probably time for me to see them again. Yeah.

Mary said...

You guys are so mean to make Noah confess his wrong choices to the whole primary! But really, it was an awesome talk. Ava's hair was very realistic--crazy-razy. And perfect motivation for Charlotte to practice her own upcoming talk. Thanks for your good example, Noah!

mammasweet said...

I loved it! Thanks for letting us in on it. It's a darn good thing he's willing to share the trampoline.