Fist Annual Wilson Family Reunion

 {June 15-17} 
Warning: this is a very long post, continue at your own risk. Lots of information you probably won't care about, but I want to remember for my end-of-the-year family book.
We held the first Wilson Family Reunion last month at our house.  Everyone (well, not Sarah, but she's been MIA for years now) was able to make it.  I think everyone had a really good time.  We did a lot of swimming, chatting, lounging, zumba'ing, eating and more swimming...........and more eating. 
 The weather was great (80's and 90's) up until this point, but of course the Saturday of the reunion we hit triple digits, so we spent most of the day in the swimming pool or inside (our cooler was struggled to keep up with the heat and that many people inside).  I don't think anyone minded too much.  Con and Rob did sneak in a little fan for their bedroom that we inherited once they left (thanks).  We had a few outings planned, but realized that with all the little kids, all they wanted to do was swim and play with cousins.  That was fine with me! 
 We had 22 people for the reunion, so there were people scattered everywhere.  At night we had Connie and Rob in the guest bedroom downstairs, Luke's family in Noah and Grant's room, Beth's family in Ava's room, Eli and Leah on couches, Adam, Min and the kids slept outside on air matreses, and Mary, Lionel, Ava and I slept on our bed.  It all worked out great. 
On Friday night our favorite Gomerz (Gomez family) stopped by. They were on their way back to SLC from a west coast road trip.  It was fun having them.  Adam and I miss visiting with our northern Utah relatives. When we go to Utah now we head south, so we haven't been able to see many of them since we moved.
 The food was great, and Mary was an enormous help with this and other aspects of this reunion. 
Menu: Friday AM - waffles; noon - chicken salad croissant sandwiches; PM - hamburgers, baked beans, watermelon, chips, pound cake with strawberry glaze (Gomez's brought some yummy mexican bread too).
Saturday AM - buttermilk pancakes, fruit; noon - chicken bowtie salad; PM - pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, fruit.
Sunday AM - eggs, hash browns, english muffins, fruit.
Beth's family and Leah came a day early so we got to hang out with them before everyone arrived.  We had a great time hanging out, boating, talking and swimming with them. 
Luke's family stayed a few days later so we made another trip to the lake (darn it, we hate going to the lake so much - j/k I'm sure you know that's not true), took the kids to ride a 'baby train', swam some more, etc.....you get the picture.
 The cousins had a great time too.  We really didn't have too many 'incidents' with them all being together. 
 Cute little Gomerz.
 Did I mention that we did a lot of swimming?
 Oh, how could I forget the zumba class?!!  Beth showed us her amazing zumba moves on Saturday morning.  She's out of focus, because she was shaking her stuff for us.  We, meaning the students, tried to copy a small portion of what she wanted us to.  It was hilarious.  Most of us looked ridiculous, and laughed almost the entire class.  The situp section was comical. About 5 situps (OK maybe 15) in, Mary was pulling faces and said she absolutely couldn't do anymore.  We were laughing so hard, I'm sure Leah peed her pants.  Beth you are an amazing teacher, and I loved our reunion zumba!  Sorry your pupils weren't as passionate about the class as you would have hoped.
 Jana was a gem and brought a whole box of activities for the kids.  They did licorice art, marshmallow/toothpick creations, play dough dinosaur fossils, fairy houses, balloon tennis, and fruit loop necklaces.  I'm sure there were more, but I can't think of them at the moment.  Thanks again Jan!
 Lounging around.  Of course we put Eli to work on fixing our router, so everyone could be on the internet at the same time.  One time I looked around and 5 people were on their 'devices' surfing the web.  It was a funny site.
 Freddie found himself a quiet corner to build a train.

 For Father's Day we made a video of all the kids.  Mary asked them all a couple questions about their dad.  I'll upload it, if I can remember how to get it off the camcorder.
 Leah's glamor shot for memories sake, and because we made her go get a haircut while she was here. She has a photo just like this when she was 8 years younger.
 We had a great talent show on Saturday night. It was very informal, but EVERYONE was required to participate. Youngest to oldest.  Here are a few pictures from the show.  Grant raced his truck across the floor.
 Freddie did the splits.
 Amelia played the drums (pots).
 Kate and Brooke sang "These are a Few of My Favorite Things".  Luke made sure they didn't skip to the chorus before singing all the versus (that's their favorite part). :)  Both the girls sang their own song too, but they did an encore for us with this song.
 Spectators watching all the talent.
 Charlotte was the most prepared and brought her outfit.  She did a beautiful artistic ballet dance.
 Leah singing with Eli for his talent.  Leah did a sort of rap song by herself for her talent.
 I can't seem to get a focused picture of Beth because she's always moving.  She shared another exotic, crazy, spectacular, hilarious dance with us.  Her dances seem to pop up at every family function. Lucky us.
 Adam did a handstand.
 Min did this crazy thing with his eyes were he moves one at a time. Must be a Korean thing. :)
 Connie recited her poem she wrote from when Leah was born.
Not pictured: Jane - counted to 10 in Spanish
Joe - made a weird noise with his throat
Rob - magic trick
Ava - somersault
Noah - joke 
Summer - plastered a hole in the wall (it's on the brain, what can I say)
Luke - clapping pushups
Jana - headstand
Mary - pantomime
 Mary got us all these shirts that we got after the talent show.
 The Whole Wilson Clan (minus Lionel who was sleeping)
 Sunday morning - the dads watching their father's day video.
 Jana made this cute banner for the daddy's. Everyone but Luke and Jana left Sunday morning, so after church we headed to the Yangs house for dinner and brownies.  In my opinion, and hopefully everyone elses, our first Wilson reunion was a resounding success! 
 I think that catches me up for June.  We had a crazy, yet FUN, month of June.  It was jam packed and full of visitors.  We loved having people come stay with us. 
(I found Ava in her room reading a book, but then I realized she was asleep behind it.)
This is how we all felt after everyone left - wanting to keep going, but just couldn't keep our eyes open. 


bethany said...

This is great. I had SUCH a good time. Leah and I have been balling about it ever since. I love our family. Thanks for taking care of us, Punjab and doing all the behind the scenes work that Wilson's try not to attend to. I will try my hardest to duplicate your effort in 2099 or whenever it's my turn to host. PS I like how angry I look in that Zumba photo.

Mary said...

Min says that Bev looks scary in her zumba photo. Glad we have someone else cool and intimidating in our family besides Luke:) I love the pictures and the detailed summary of our reunion. Punj, you realize you are the most responsible and thoughtful family member we have, right? You are. We'd be lost without you. Thanks again for hosting and organizing. I know I wasn't much of a help in the kitchen--you shouldn't have even mentioned me because I think you did 90% of the work. I hope you got a good nap like Ava after all that hullabaloo.

Jessica said...

What fun! And t-shirts to boot!

mommaquincy said...

Wow! It looks so fun! Hey! We're doing a talent show this year too and I didn't even read this until today!