Lake Shasta Camping

{July 13-14}
We went camping to Lake Shasta with our friends, the Wutkees.  Our campsite was a boat-in campground, so we pack as little as possible.  The campsite was really cool, although it was a bit challenging to get to from the boat. But so worth it. 
It was over 100 degrees, so we were a little nervous (especially since Ethan is only 11 months old) we might cook in the heat.  The spot we found was tucked up in the trees with a cold creek on both sides (we put our drinks in there to keep them cold).  That was perfect for the day, because it was probably 20 degrees cooler up there, but we didn't plan it cooling down that much at night.  We just took blankets thinking it wasn't going to get below 70 degrees at night, but because of the creeks, it was much colder.   We survived, but it was a bit chilly. 
Cute campers!  
These kids love to camp.  
Our little inlet.
The view of the lake from our campsite. 
I love all the moss that grows on the trees and rocks.
Everything is very green.  
So different from the red rocks I knew growing up.  
Both beautiful, but so different. 
The trail we took several times to the bathroom.  It was a little ways away and at night pitch black.  I would rather pee my pants then take that journey.  Adam went and he said it was pretty spooky.  There's a small cliff on one side and a jungle of trees on the other.  There are also signs warning about bears all over too, so thus the reason I didn't even attempt it at night.  
After we put all the kids to bed, Jesse, Kelli, Adam and I stayed up and talked for awhile.  At one point Jesse swats something off his arm and jumps up.  It was a HUGE beetle.  A few minutes later we heard something coming up from behind our tent.  As it got closer, Kelli and I jumped up and started walking backwards.  I was seriously getting really nervous.  I had no idea what to expect: an animal, a person, a BEAR?.  Adam got the lantern and held it up near our tent, and a dear stared right back at us.  I tried to get a picture, but it was too dark to focus on anything (forgot about the manual focus button - duh).  We were only a few feet away from him.  Scared the bajeezies out of me!  Right after that Kelli really needed to use the bathroom. Hah!  Her sweet husband went with her.  
Looking down at the boys and the boat from the trail. 
See our tents hiding behind the trees?
We had to cross this little creek to get to out campsite. I think Noah spent most of his time exploring that creek.  He went up and down, and discovered every creature that lived in it. 
He was in heaven. 
Jesse got up on the slalom ski (first time ever) and tried a few cuts.  
Not bad at all for a newbie.  
Lounging around in our little inlet.  
The kids found some "quick mud" where they would sink up to their knees, and get completely covered in mud.  Noah found a disgusting dead fish that he thought was awesome, and played with it for hours. 
Loved this picture.
Jesse and Adam lounging in a tube near the river, putting on sunscreen. 
Ha ha. 
More discoveries and exploring from the kiddos. 
Granty getting dirty and chucking rocks into the lake. 
On our way back to the launch there was a fire that had just started.  The firefighter planes had just arrived and were dropping fire retardant on it.  Pretty cool to see the planes so close.  There were lots of boats lined up to watch the spectacle.  
We love {Boating}.
We love [Skiing].
We love (Friends).
We love {Camping}.
We love [Swimming].
We love <Our Family>.
It was a Great weekend! 


Jessica said...

That looks so pretty and fun! LOVE the picture of Adam and friend. Hilarious.

The Ellis Family said...

Looks awesome....we better check it out for ourselves!

Mary said...

When are you going back? I'm coming even if Min has "other commitments".