California State Fair

 Lots of stinky cows.  
We took the kids to the California State Fair (which happens to be 2 blocks from Adam's work). 
 There were a ton of baby animals born during the fair.   The day we went a baby cow, baby sheep, and baby goats were born.  We even got to watch a mamma pig give birth to a litter of baby pigs.  I didn't get a picture because there were a lot of people watching, so we could only see it from the mirror above. 
 The bird exhibit. 
 "Noah's bird"
He would LOVE a pet bird.  
 Grant spotted the fire trucks, of course. 
The kids and I road the carousel.  Cost almost 20 bucks for the 4 of us to ride one ride!!  Stupid.  Oh well, the kids loved it.

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Joe said...

I'm going to be taking my kids to the washington county fair this week. We won't have a bird exhibit. Damn. I should have made a trip. That fair looks nice. Too bad it costs an arm and a leg to ride the carousel.