Yearbook Signing

I finished Noah's preschool book (turned the blog into a scrapbook), so we had everyone over to sign their names and have a little party. We went swimming, ate lunch, played and handed out the books. 
The kids signing their names in everyone's books. 
I can't believe these kids start Kindergarten next week!! Yikes. 

Here is the book I made (using blurb.com).  I thought this site would be nice, because they can transfer all your text and pictures from your blog directly onto their site.  Well, I ended up having to reformat every single picture and page, so I don't think I really saved any time.  Online the book looks great (crisp, clear pictures), but in person the books were a real disappointment.  All the pictures were blurry.  YUCK!  I was pretty upset (since I spent most of July working on these).  I've been emailing blurb about it, and they said it's because my photos came over as 72dpi instead of 300dpi.  My resolution is way over the required limit, so I didn't think it was going to be a problem (especially since I've made 10 photobooks from Shutterfly using the same parameters, and they turned out crisp. Also, after much research I've found that dpi is bogus and shouldn't affect print quality), but obviously it was.  Anyway......they gave me a credit to get them reprinted, but I don't think I have the energy or time to go back and save every picture to 300dpi in a photo editing program, and then reinsert them into the book.  Oh well, the kids loved them and I'm probably the only one who really noticed anyway.  I don't think I will be using blurb again though.  I am, however, going to get them reprinted again just to have 2 copies for everyone and make sure to use up my blurb credit. :)


mammasweet said...

Summer, it doesn't look like the kids minded having blurry pictures at all. Isn't it great to have school starting! A schedule again. All my piano kids surfaced this week.

mommaquincy said...

How frustrating! I made my kid's book on Blurb for Christmas. They recommended printing one first. I did and ending up changing a couple of pictures that were blurry.

The Yoder's Four said...

Good to know about Blurb! I've been wanting to do a blog book, but I've been too intimidated by the time involved. What a great gift for the kids, though! You always go above and beyond!!