My School Boy

 Noah started Kindergarten on Tuesday!  I know it's cliche to say, but I can't believe my boy is old enough to go to school.  Crazy! We've really tried to talk-up school, so Noah wouldn't be as scared to go.  He's been excited and talking about going to kindergarten for months now, but I know how he is, so I was nervous for the first day of school.  To get him excited, we had a special school dinner on Monday night.  I let him pick everything on the menu.  I was so happy with his menu choices (2 of my favorite foods):  Crab legs, salad and jell-o.  OK, I was excited about the crab and salad; I'm not a huge Jell-O fan. 
 He will eat anything, and actually prefers really healthy food (not sure how I managed to get these kids - I was the pickiest eater), but it takes him FOREVER to eat every meal.  Especially with crab legs, since he plays with the claws, instead of eating. 
 The babies enjoyed Noah's menu too.  We had Gavin over too since his wifey was out of town. 
 The first day of school.
Noah got up and was all smiles, although I could tell he was a little nervous.  He put on his clothes and was ready to go within 5 minutes.  This is very rare - it usually takes hours to get that far every morning.  

 What a cute school boy.    
(Man, the lighting is pretty bad in most of these pictures)
Noah is lucky to go to school with 3 of his preschool friends - 2 of them are in his class. 

 It's blurry, but I was trying to get a picture of his cubby. 
We had a parent orientation the first day, so Adam stayed home with the babies so I could go with Noah.  When we got there we went on a little scavenger hunt to find everything (i.e. sink, bathroom, cubbies, etc.).  Afterward, they sent the kids out and the parents had our orientation.  Noah was doing really well up until this point, and then he started crying and wouldn't leave me.  Finally a lady came over and took him outside so I could go to the orientation.  
When it was time for me to leave, he started crying again.  His sweet friend, Evan, grabbed his hand and told him to just stay by him.  What a good friend.  
He really likes school so far, and has done pretty good with me leaving now.
I'm so proud of my crazy school boy.  


Mary said...

The post I've been waiting for! We're so proud of Noah. And he seems so mature in that last picture, just like a school boy.

Jessica said...

He is so cute! Glad he is liking it now. Might be kind of sad if they were super excited to leave mom on the first day of something so new and scary :)

ellisgomez said...

It's a huge milestone... exciting for Noah:) The day your last one starts school you will be the one crying ....

mammasweet said...

Noah looks so handsome and brave. I wish I could be there with you to have a little hug.

The Ellis Family said...

Yay Noah!

The Yoder's Four said...

He's going to be the smartest one in his class. What a handsome boy! Hope the separation anxiety doesn't get too bad.

Luke really loves healthy food, too. He's always wanting to snack on broccoli, carrots and celery. (?!) Madelyn would approve of the crab legs. I've never tried making them myself!

Ty * April said...

What kid requests crab legs for their special dinner!? Oh yeah, yours would. Madi requested noodles for her birthday dinner. That would be plain noodles with grated cheese on top. Yep that is the difference between your cooking and mine. I must get better. I must get better, I must get better. because really that is pathetic on my part.

Look at how big Noah is. Can't believe he is old enough for school. I was just looking at pictures of him when he was a baby the other day. What a cute monkey head he was.