Hidden Valley Trail

 I found these pictures on my card, and realized I didn't ever blog about this hike.  I don't know why I feel like I have to blog about every picture (not every picture per se, but every event) that I have on my camera.  Maybe it's because I realize that I am soooooo far behind on printing them all to photobooks, that I feel justified if they are documented somewhere. So if my kids really want to look at our 'photo albums' they can just look at the blog. 
It was a pretty hot day, so we only made it about half way.  We didn't make it to the waterfall at the end, but found this creek to let the kids play in before turning back.  
 Grant found every blackberry bush (after this picture, of course, that's why his face isn't covered in blackberry juice yet) on our way back, so he was a bit slow.
 The trail is popular with horse riders, so we saw quite a few horses on our hike.  This horse came down to the creek to get a drink and this nice lady told the kids all about the horse.  Later on the trail we saw this horse, but not the lady.  Some guy stopped us and told us we needed to hike up this hill to bypass the paramedics.  Not sure what happened, but I did see them doing chest compressions on someone.  So sad, not even sure if it was this lady that was involved.  Hope not, she was really nice.  We heard the helicopters flying overhead, but didn't know what they were doing.  It will forever be a mystery, since I couldn't find any info on the internet about it.
 We did find a little waterfall on our way back that we detoured for. 
 The kids thought it was great.  Noah was in heaven climbing all over the rocks (as much as we would allow him to - the water was moving pretty fast and it was slippery).
 I was so impressed with the kids.  Their little feet hiked the whole trail.  We even had other hikers tell us how amazed they were.  Not that there wasn't some whining and requests to be held. We distracted Noah and Ava with treasure finding and competitions, and we just looked for the next blackberry to eat for Grant, and they all made it back to the car.  When we got in the car Noah said, "thank you mom and dad for taking us on this hike, I loved it."  Such a sweet boy.  That was about 5 minutes after Adam said, "so.....this was a bad idea to hike in this heat, right?!".  Ha ha.  :)


bethany said...

I love the pic of Grant "before the blackberries". He is one good looking kid.

Mary said...

Where is this hike? In Roseville? You need to take us!

Melissa Scott said...

That pic of Granty makes me think he actually does look like you.