I'm Not a Princess, I'm Ava

 Don't try to call her anything but AVA. 
 She calls herself a princess, super hero, tinkerbell, sister, beautiful......but don't attempt to call her any of those in place of her name. 
 She will correct you every time.  "I'm not a _________ (princess, Tinkerbell, etc.), I'm Ava."  

 Her hair is so blonde it's almost white, and oh so crazy most of the time.
When she points at something, she winks.

She is constantly pestering her brothers, but also loves to play mom and pamper them too.
 First day of preschool.
This girl loves school, and thinks she is so big like "my Noah".
 A lot different dropping this one off at school compared to her brother.  I got a kiss goodbye, and off she went.  Not even a slight hesitation. 
 She is crazy, and full of personality.
 And oh how we love our little princess.......I mean Ava.
Her preschool blog can be found HERE.
 Picture of my boys, just to be fair. :)
Growing up so fast!


Ty * April said...

NO NO NO NO NO!!!! You tell that little Ava Marie to stop growing up. She looks so old. I love her crazy hair. I have a little girl that makes crazy faces like that too. :)

ellisgomez said...

She's so cute ! She will be a great teenager I can tell :)

The Ellis Family said...

Love it!

mammasweet said...

Now, think back about the day we got to first hold her. I thought she was going to have dark hair! We love all three of them. Can't wait to see you at Grandma's!!

The Lemmon's said...

Certain pictures of Ava remind me of Rachelle. Amazing isn't it how even adopted children belong so completely?! We know they were always supposed to be yours. She looks like a fun little girl with big personality. I love your blog posts!

Becca said...

What a little nut that Ava is! She definitely seems full of personality. So cute, and looking so big!

bethany said...

total disregard for social rules and hair care. This is a girl that will go far.

The Yoder's Four said...

Oh those curls!! She looks like your sister Melissa to me. What a cutie.

Looks like Noah had an awesome b-day. I LOVE HIS CAKE!!!!

mommaquincy said...

Such a cutie! She look more like Bethany than her girls do, I think.