Noah's the Big 6!

My sweet boy turned 6 on Monday.  He got to open a couple of presents before school (cowboy hat, slinky, and binoculars)
He blew out a candle in his cereal, and we sang to him.
The babies had a turn too.
We made cake pops for his kindergarten class.
He got a birthday crown at school and his book order came in too, so he got books from his teacher on his birthday too.  He's so spoiled.  I found these skeleton bones salad tongs at target and knew Noah would love them, so I put them on top of one of his presents.  He did love them.  Actually all the kids love them.  Ava takes them and walks up to everyone and says, "hi to meet you (nice to meet you)" and makes you shake the skeleton hand. 
Noah requested an underwater cake, and this is what I came up with.  I really like how it turned out. Lots of coral, sea fans, anemone,  clown fish, puffer fish, octopus, star fish, sand fish, and jellyfish.
Backside of the cake.  That blue thing to the right is the starfish.  It looks just like the one we have in a frame from Guam.
Noah's favorite (and mine) was the jellyfish.
His cousies came over to play, swim and eat birthday cake with us.  They had a blast playing together.
He got an ant farm and an invention set (can make motors and stuff with wires and batteries).  Char and Freddie gave him a bow and arrow too.  He loves that he has his own pets now (ants).  Who knew I could give him some ants in a jar and he'd be "pet satisfied".
Blowing out his candles.  They were the sparkler kind, so they kept relighting.
Getting some help from the bystanders.
Eating all the creatures off the cake, and a little of the actual cake part. 
Happy birthday, my boy.  We love you so much. 


Jessica said...

Two words: Over achiever (or is that supposed to be one?). You are awesome. I just make sure my kids don't ever look atyour blog with me. :).

Mary said...

I thought it was delightfully low-key, myself. When we pulled up, Charlotte declared that "the rest of the kids must have walked because there aren't any cars." Then I explained that Noah was only having a family birthday party. "Is that okay?" I asked. And YES! We love being the exclusive guests at your parties! Freddie even decided he'll have a "family party" when he turns five. I'm planning to give him a baby. You'll be in charge, Summer.
And, I must also declare that Noah is getting more handsome every year.

Ty * April said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Noah! You are growing up so fast. Loved the cake. It looks amazing as usual. One of these days Summer you are going to have to cave and get a "real" pet. Ants don't count. :)

The Ellis Family said...

That cake is awesome, as well as the kid! Oh, please move back so we can watch these kids grow up! Happy birthday Noah!

ellisgomez said...

I LOVE THE CAKE! That is the coolest thing I've ever seen :)

Becca said...

Your cake creations are amazing!!! And I can't believe how big your kids are getting. It seems like just yesterday Noah was a newborn sitting in the back seat of your new car with me while I almost sweated to death....ahhh, how the time flies!

mommaquincy said...

Wow! What a fun day!