Noah's Field Trip

October 3rd
Noah's first kindergarten Field Trip
Bishops Pumpkin Patch
Noah's favorite part was getting to ride the bus.
His teacher makes these shirts for all the kids to wear on the field trips.  It was actually really nice, because they were easy to spot. 
Their class is the 'cat class', thus the reason for the cat on their backs. 
Did you know school buses have seat belts now?  
I remember the day.....
Posing with his friend, Evan, after their exciting bus ride.  
 They all got snack bags for the day.  
Noah's class has great parent participation.  I went only because when I asked his teacher if she still needed parents, she said she didn't get a lot of parent slips back, so she could use the help.  Well, I arranged a babysitter and when I showed up, I was only responsible for Noah.   Only 3 or 4 kids didn't have a parent or grandparent there.  
I signed up to help in Noah's classroom, but she had so many volunteers she didn't need me.  I would love to be involved in his classroom, but it's awesome that the parents are so involved.  
Hayride out to the pumpkin fields.
 Searching for that perfect pumpkin.
They did 'experiments' with their pumpkins the next day in school.  
Noah's guess for weight was 20 pounds.......... it was 3 pounds. :)
I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll add that to a different Halloween post.  After he brought it home he put rub-on bats (from my mom) all over it. 
 Chowing down on some snacks with his friends. 
 Train ride.  
Noah and Evan picked the caged car for their train ride. 
Noah's kindergarten class (his teacher, in orange, is Mrs. Melvin)
It's been fun to watch him make new friends and learn so much at school. 


mammasweet said...

Noah is by far the best looking in the group. This is very similar to the pumpkin field trips to Marysville, WA. I was always a field trip mom back then!

The Yoder's Four said...

That is a big stinking pumpkin patch!!! How brave of you to chaperone.

SLC looks like it was so much fun--I miss living there! I've been wanting to go up all year. That mall looks like it needs me to go to it.

mommaquincy said...

That's nice when there's so much parent involvement. Of course when they get to 5th grade that goes way down.