happy Halloween!!

I have quite a few posts to catch up on, but I figured I'd better do our Halloween post first.  
I'll start off with some of our Halloween decor.  My kids (especially Noah) get SO excited about putting up all the holiday decorations.  A few crafts we did this season were those hot glue gun spiders.  We used the glue gun "strings" to drape on the candelabra as spider webs.  Noah and I painted and sparkled the skulls. The teeth are actually my impressions from the dentist.  Not sure why I saved those, but they came in handy for Halloween.
Our house has NO shelves or places to put decorations on, so we used the top of the speakers and the top of the piano. We are in the process of remedying that problem soon. 
 We made our giant spider web again this year.  Notice those 2 giant holes in our walls.  We've been doing some major demo work.  Those posts to come too.

 Pumpkins and witch mural.
 Pumpkin carving.  Noah and Ava helped me gut the pumpkins. They loved squishing the guts through their fingers.
 They were amazed that you can cook the pumpkin seeds and eat them.  I think Noah ate 90% of them.
 Ava cutting the heart eyes on her pumpkin.
 Granty using the 'tiny knife' to carve his pumpkin.  Grant's been dropping carrying his pumpkin around for weeks, so his was a little soft by the time we carved it.
 Noah designed his pumpkin face, and got to cut some of it by himself.   He sure loves holidays.

 Grant's pumpkin
 Ava's pumpkin
 Noah's pumpkin (notice he's got a big gap in his mouth?)
 Cute little pumpkin carvers.  Ava looks slightly obsessed in this picture.

 Tonight we had a 'spooky' Halloween dinner.  I told Noah we could have a dinner in the dark with candles, and he thought that was awesome.  We had caramelized butternut squash, black chips and taco soup.
Noah was a vampire. 
Isn't he the scariest cutest vampire you've ever seen?
I made his vest, bow tie and cape.  The rest is just his Sunday clothes.  I had to convince him that vampires wear black pants and a white shirt.  He did not want to wear church clothes for Halloween. :)
 He thought the face paint was pretty cool. 
One more with his vampire teeth in - which he kept in the entire night.
 Ava the witch.  This picture doesn't do her costume justice.  We were rushing out the door, so I only got one of Ava and Grant.  I made her shirt, cape and spiderweb skirt. She had hot pink tights and pink ribbon around her hat.  Cute little witch - she can cackle like one too.
 Vampire Grant.  
I didn't take into account his large tummy when I was sewing his, so his vest doesn't come close to closing. :)
I really wanted to pain his face, but he didn't want to.  He also forgot his shoes before we scrambled out the door, so he went trick-or-treating barefoot. 
 Anxious for some candy.
 The little batman is our friend, Tyson.  Him and his parents (and baby Abby) came over for dinner and went trick-or-treating with us. 
They scored big time.  We just did a couple streets by our house and they got a full bucket.  I couldn't believe what people hand out these days.....full size candy bars for heavens sake.  One house had these cute little witches caldrons filled with candy.  
After the kids were bathed they waited anxiously to hand out some candy at our door.  They would start yelling and jumping around the minute someone even came to our street.   I think they liked handing out the candy as much as getting the candy, but probably not as much as they like eating it though.
We had a great Halloween.  Hope yours was great too.


Becca said...

You are such an over-achiever! Who does all that? I can't even keep my house clean.... Very festive and fun. :)

bethany said...

Good pics! I love Ava's face on the front porch pics.

mommaquincy said...

They look so happy and cute in their costumes! You rock!

mammasweet said...

This is serious business, the pumpkin carvers and way cute costumes you created! There are mom's out there who would pay you big bucks to decorate for them.

Jen said...

summer, your kids just get more and more beautiful! great job on the costumes.

I love Ava's hair. Wow!

The Yoder's Four said...

Cute vampires!! Love Ava's costume, too. My kids get so excited to hand out candy, too.

Our house doesn't have any decorating spots, either. I've always wanted a little nook or alcove for that reason. Are you going to build one??

Ambs said...

So much FUN! I love Halloween and people who celebrate it so much! You guys are great.

Also, I am anxious to hear more about that reno project you mentioned... hmm :)