Carlsbad Beach - Heading Home

We brought some reinforcements (the dads) this time, so the kids wouldn't drown.
 Adam and Kyle went body surfing which was hilarious to watch. I think Em has a video of it (I'll have to find it and link you over).
 Cute little Gusbert
 The kids had a blast playing in the sand and water.

 Nothing like sand covering every crevice on your body.
 The bystanders.  I was one of them usually.

 My dad always sticks a toe in the ocean just before leaving to prove he went in the ocean. 
 Grant playing frisbee with uncle Kip.
 Sandy snacks. Yum.
Hungry Gus?
After a fun morning at the beach, we hosed off and headed north.  
We had a great vacation.  Glad we got to see some of my family while we were there too.  


mommaquincy said...

How fun! Is it still that warm there?

Summer said...

mid 60's. warm enough for ava to play in her undies outside still. that might not be a good indicater though since she rarely likes clothes.

Mary said...

I've been reading these posts out of order and thought, when did you guys make a trip to Carlsbad!? I thought the wedding was in Clovis. But then remembered you guys were all over the place in September and October. You really do get around. Wish there were warm beaches closer to us. It looks like fun.