The Rest of October

  We had a fun Enrichment Night in October - we had a police officer come and talk about safety.  He was really funny and informative.  We also had Colleen and Cally (mom and daughter from our ward) come teach us some self defense moves.  They did awesome, of course.  We love the Chamberlains. 
For dessert I served caramel apples.  I added the recipe to my recipe blog.  I'm really behind on getting the photo buttons done for the recipes, but at least I'm caught up on most of them.  My friend, Katie, helped me make the apples.  I put some pulled sugar on top, for decoration, which turned out cute.
 Our ward didn't do a trunk-or-treat this year (which is fine with me - I don't like them), but we did have a fall social a few days before Halloween.  It was really fun.  A guy in our ward brought geese and ducks for the kids to feed and play with.
 They had a lot of carnival games set up for the kids. This one is the balloon stomp
 Blow the Crow?  Toss shoes at the crows and knock them over.
The kids also played ball toss, cake walk, marble painting, duck game and hula hoop toss.
 But the highlight was the horse rides.

 Noah trying the doughnut eating contest.
 It was a great party.
Noah lost his top right tooth.  His dad pulled it out for him right before bed.  We made him nervous by telling him he might swallow it that night because it was so loose. :)  He's pretty brave and just lets his dad pull it out (not that it really takes much pulling to get it out).  His other top tooth has been loose for months now, but still hasn't come out.  I keep thinking he's going to be toothless for Christmas, but he still has one hanging in there.
 We have this beady pillow (not sure what it's actually called) that the kids love to wear on their heads and pretend to be mushrooms.  Grant thought he was so funny.
Here he looks like a British soldier.

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Mary said...

WAY better than a trunk or treat. Your ward is pretty cool.