Disneyland - Last and Final Day

 Saturday was our 3rd and final day at Disneyland.  We really didn't have much more to see, but little Gus was there this day, so we really wanted to play with him.  When we first got in, we were lucky to see Mickey just getting ready for pictures, so we ran to get in line and only had to wait a couple minutes to see him. 
 While we were waiting for Adam and Noah to ride Star Wars, the rest of us headed to the Buzz ride.  They really have some fun new rides, and most of them are for younger tots.  It was fun to hang out with Gus (and his parents) our last day at Disneyland. 
 You get to shoot these lasers during the ride.  Grant did pretty well. 
 Saturday was CRAZY!!!! CRAZY!!  It was so crowded.  Somehow, we were able to still get on a few rides with little wait time.  We only stayed a few hours in the morning, and then went back to our hotel, while Gus stayed at Disneyland.  We met up with them later that afternoon.  The only ride we hadn't gone on, that Noah was adamant about riding, was the Haunted Mansion.  Since it was Halloween time, it was only appropriate that we check it off the list.  Every time we checked the wait time it was over an hour, so we kept bypassing it.  Finally, it was starting to get dark and we really didn't have much else to do, so I took Ava and Noah, and we braved the line.  It said it was 75 minutes! The rest of the crew didn't want to stand in line, so they went on some other rides.  We only ended up waiting in line for about 50 minutes (the longest we waited for any ride).  I have to say, I don't like the 'new' haunted mansion.  I like the original version way better. 
 The decorations were pretty cool for the haunted mansion. 
 We stayed late this night to see the water show 'Fantasmic'.  We inched our way to the front of the line just as the show was starting - lucky. After the show we joined the herd trying to leave the park.  The fireworks show was going on above the castle, so we got to see some of that show too. The above picture is of Grant watching the fireworks.
This is what Disneyland looked like on Saturday.  As my dad used to always say, "this is the hap hap happiest place on earth." 
 We obviously made it back to the buses and back to our hotel.  We really did have a great time at Disneyland. The kids thought it was awesome, and they were surprisingly really well behaved.  We avoided all the stores, so there was no begging for overpriced merchandise.  I don't think they even realized they were selling anything.  We took it easy and crossed off everything on our Disneyland to do list.  
By the end, the kids were exhausted and didn't make it 5 minutes before falling asleep. 
Noah's favorite rides: Thunder Mountain Railroad (see, forcing him to go on it twice was a good thing), Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Soarin' Over California.
Ava's favorite rides:  Ariel, Princesses (during the parade), tune town.
Grant's favorite rides: Mater tractors and the bus ride to and from our car. :)

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