Sea World

 On Sunday, we drove down to Carlsbad to meet up with my dad and brothers.  My brother and his wife were there from Hawaii, so that is one of the reasons we picked that week to go to So. California.  We hung out and had a good dinner at their condo. 
 On Monday we (just us - everyone else bailed on us) went to Sea World.  It was awesome. We all loved it.  I am really surprised at how little I pulled out my camera.  So unlike me, I know.  
One of the first exhibits we went to was this giant walrus.  It kept swimming up the glass right in front of the kids. 
 Sea World was very low key.  There was hardly anyone there, so we just took our time walking around and taking it all in.
 Noah playing in the polar bear caves.
 It's been a long time since I've been here, so all the rides were new to me.  The gondola ride was pretty cool.
 I took the tiny tots to the touch pond, while Noah and Adam rode the rapids ride.
 They were soaked when they got off.
 We watched the sea lion show. 
 Noah taking his turn at the touch pond.
 We had the best seats for the Shamu show.  We sat in the soak zone, just to the right of where Shamu's deck is.   I thought we were going to get wet, but it was honestly perfect.  The people in front of us got soaked and the people to the left of us got drenched.  We barely felt a drop hit us, and we got to see Shamu up close when he came on the deck. Awesome.

 The kids LOVED the shows. 
We all had a great time at Sea World.  My kids love animals, so this was right up their alley.   I ended up dropping Adam off at the Chargers vs. Bronco's game with my dad and brothers, so I drove back to Carlsbad to hang out with Em and Gussy boy.

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