Noah's Primary Talk

Noah gave a talk in primary a few weeks ago.  It was about how to be a good missionary. 
Noah is still pretty shy when he is away from home, so I'm always so surprised and proud when he gets up and does his talks all by himself.  He did such a great job. 
Here are his pictures he used.
His daddy as a missionary.
Noah (in blue) and Angel (in black) at the playground at school.  In case you didn't catch what he was saying in the video, he was telling how Angel was sad at school, so he tried to make him happy.  He always adds, "but it didn't work". :)   I think the most important thing Noah can learn in school is how to treat people.
Our church. He says, "someday maybe I can invite my friends to my church".
Noah as a missionary.  He says he wants to go to Australia.  At first he picked Russia and then I told him that it's really cold there, so then he changed his mind and picked Australia.


Jeff said...

what, no mention of the poo stick?

mammasweet said...

Noah, Eli's mission was VERY CLOSE to AUSTRAILA. Ask him about it when he gets to your house. Love you so much!