Random Ava Pictures

 A few weeks ago Charlotte got to sleep over here, and Mary mentioned to Ava that she could go home with her and sleep at her house.  She is NOT like my boys (scared to do anything without mom), and didn't hesitate a second.  She was out the door and so excited to go. 
 I've discovered that I like to wear skirts more than pants (they're just more comfortable to me), so I make myself some.  Usually I have enough to whip one up for Ava too.  We had a few minutes before church one Sunday, so I tried to get a picture of us.  You can see Ava's new room color behind us (someday soon, I have TONS of remodeling pictures to update on here) - dark purple with sparkles.
 A different Sunday - she just looked so cute I had to snap some pictures.


Mary said...

Fearless Ava! We love that girl and her crazy smiles...wait, or was that MY crazy smile? She can spend the night (or month) anytime!

Erika Ellis said...

so cute!

mammasweet said...

Two very beautiful Wilson Girl's, for sure.

The Yoder's Four said...

She is so adorable!! Love her curly hair.