Christmas Eve

(Paige, Charlotte and Evan)
Christmas Eve we had our cousins and friends over for a little party.  The kids loved to go up and down Noah's ladder in his room.
(Spring, Mary, Kelli and Adelle)
We had a fabulous feast, and everyone brought something yummy to serve.
(Adam, Min, Grant, Royce, Ava and Gavin)
We had quite a crowd, but it was fun having everyone there to celebrate Christmas Eve. 
(Megan and Addison, Ryan and Blake)
(Addison, Megan, Dan, Jen and Hazel, Aubrey, Gavin behind Eli)

(Tyler, Jared, Tammi, Jesse and Ethe, and Adam)
Sneak peak of my Christmas present (no more gaping hole into the playroom).
Gathering for a blessing so we can EAT, EAT, EAT.
(Ryan, Addison, Hazel, Henry, James, Stewart, Charlotte and Blake)
Some of the kids
(Stewart, Blake, Ryan, Noah, Freddie, Noah, Paige and Charlotte)
Icing sugar cookies for Santa (and a few for taste testing).
(Grant, Paige, Ava, Lionel, Noah and Evan)
More kids
(Paige and Evan)
The kids that wanted to participate, dressed up for the nativity.
Audience members
Daddies recording the professional play.
Grand and James as shepherds. Addison and Ava as 'princess angels'. Paige as Mary. 
Enjoying the show.

Take 2.  We did the play twice because we had 2 eager participants that wanted to play Mary. 
Second time around Charlotte was our Mary.
Everyone admiring baby Jesus. 
Noah, Freddie, Lionel and Ryan were our wise men.  Adelle was our star, but I don't have a picture. 

This is Ava's everyday outfit.
Gavin and Aubrey Riddle
They told their families that they are having a baby girl just before coming.  So excited for them. 
The Yang family.
(Freddie, Mary, Lionel, Min and Charlotte)
The De Burgh family 
(Spring, Paige, Ryan didn't want to be in the picture so he's ducking by the couch and Dan)
The Wassom family.
(Sarah, Kate, Tyler, Jared and Tammi)
(her family is Megan, Royce, Evan, Blake and Addison)
I was hoping to get a family picture of everyone, but I only got about half of them.
The Notleys (Jen, Charles, James, Henry and Hazel)
The Wutkees (Jesse, Kelli, Adelle, Stewart and Ethan)
We were there, of course, and Eli.   
After most of our friends left, we opened our Wilson sibling presents.  Mary got some awesome homesteading books from Leah.
Eli got us some walkie-talkies and the kids this electric connections game.  
Eli got some socks and ties from Connie and Rob.
After the couzies left, the kids opened their books and p.j.'s.  Noah opened his pajamas and looked at them for a second and immediately buried his head in a pillow.  He was trying so hard not to cry, but after a few seconds he just burst into tears.  He thought all presents were toys.  He said (while sobbing), "I didn't want clothes."  I was dying laughing so I had to leave the room while Adam tried to comfort him.  It was so sweet, sad and funny.  I wonder when he is going to realize that every Christmas Eve he gets P.J.'s.  :)

The nativity play (take 1 - didn't get the second time around on video)
We had a great Christmas Eve, spending time with friends and family.  We missed those of you that don't live nearby.


Jon and Bridget said...

Nala is adorable!!! Looks like you had a great Christmas! :) Next time you are in town we need to go out and eat or something!

mammasweet said...

We missed you too! If I get permission, I will send you the amazing video of Luke and Beth singing "O, Holy Night".

Becca said...

The part about Noah and the pj's made me giggle. You guys have too much fun!