Yes, I know, this was over a month ago, but I found these on my other SD card.  Thanksgiving was at our house again this year.  The double ovens are the biggest deciding factor on location for Thanksgiving.  We had an amazing feast and even better guests: the Yang family and the Riddle family. 
 I had the three moms (Mary, Aubrey (not quite a mom, but soon) and me) bring an activity for the kids.  Mary helped the kids do a skit (video at the end of this post), I did pine cone bird feeders, and Aubrey helped them make these turkey treats.  No picture of the bird feeders, because within a day the squirrels swiped them out of the tree and carried the away.

 The kids table. Not much eating went on in here.
 The feast.  All of the food was delicious, of course.  How can we go wrong with such amazing cooks. :)  Mary did the turkey which turns out so moist every year.  She also did the stuffing, cranberry relish and a pumpkin pie.  I made the Nancy Jell-o salad, lion house rolls, pecan pie and mashed potatoes.  Aubrey made a yam dish, apple pie and apple cider.  Oh man, it makes me hungry just typing this. All of it was soooooo yummy!

 The rest of these pictures are from Noah or Charlotte.  They found my camera and had a grand old time snapping pictures. 
 The Yangs spent the night a couple nights and the entire time I was really trying to get Charlotte to pull her tooth.  It was seriously barely hanging on.  Funny thing is, on their way home (in the car), it fell out. She was so proud and called to tell me.  She ended up losing three more in about a week.  Cute, toothless, girl.
 Char did all the makeup for the skit.

 Letting all the food settle.
Mary conveniently brought over this rifle that she didn't want at her house anymore, in hopes of leaving it here (we took it back - he he), and Grant didn't put it down.  He was shooting everyone (in his undies no less).

Here's our Thanksgiving skit.  Mary did a fantastic job narrating (good job with all the impromptu requirements from our actors.)  Freddie obviously hated Charlotte during the skit, and Char was not harmed by the mayflower at the end of this video. 
We had a great Thanksgiving.

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Mary said...

What a production! The kids have loved watching it and Freddie laughs at himself sulking in the Indian hut cursing his sister. Funny how after the fact, he can laugh at his anger:) That feast WAS great. We love doing holidays with you guys!