Eco Station

When my mom came to watch the kids a few months ago, I printed out a few places she could take the kids that we haven't been to yet (i.e science museum, eco station, etc.).  They didn't end up going to any of them, because they were plenty happy and busy just playing with grandma and Shelby.  I've kept the papers on my counter, thinking that someday we would check them off the list.  Well, Adam was off a few Friday's ago and we needed a fun activity for the kids, so we picked one of the papers out of the stack.  We ended up at the Eco Station. 
The kids loved it.  It's a small'ish place where they rescue exotic animals.  All the animals there are from a different country.  In the reptile house, they get to pet a few of the animals.  Above is a Tegu lizard.  The guide put her on the floor and let the kids pet her and play with her. They said she is really friendly and likes to cuddle.  It's even potty trained!  
Granty holding a triancula skin.  I didn't realize they shed their skin, just like snakes. 
An enormous, blind, python. 
Stubby - he is missing his right hind leg. He was at a pet store and they were only feeding it twice a week (they are supposed to eat everyday).  One of the feeding days, his sibling fought him for he food and bit off his leg.  The pet store took him to the vet and left it there.  That's how they get a lot of their animals (left at vet, people don't want their pet anymore). 
Noah was so excited about this - petting a huge snake.  
Watching the girl feed some frogs.
Bearded Dragon 
They have a bird room with a lot of Cockatoo's, smuggled birds from Australia, and other pretty birds.  Then they have a room with parrots and Macaws.  Those birds were SOOOOO loud.  She warned us, but it was crazy.  The kids wanted to leave that room pretty fast.  Then we ended in a fish room.  It was a pretty cool place.  The kids loved it. 

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