Phone pix download

I'm practicing with the new blogger app on my phone. Here are a few pictures from my phone from December.

The kids made marshmallow snowman, and we made an elf workshop out of a Sunkist box.

Adam told the kids if they would rake leaves he would pay them. They earned about 25 cents worth of work. The idea what was greater than the outcome.

I thought the picture of Ava in her underwear and boots decorating the tree is pretty funny.

Our weekend in December we're pretty full of events. We went to a work party for Adam. It was at a fancy Mexican restaurant. The best guacamole I've ever had. Of course, I got to hear from everyone how amazing Adam is at work. It's good to know he isn't just playing around all day. I am so proud of him for working so hard and doing such a good job for our family.

The next day we drove to Clovis for Rachel's wedding. She is at Adams assistant and our friend. Matt and Melissa's grandpa lives in Clovis , so they came out to visit him and watch our kids. The kids had a blast at grandpa's farm. They still talk about 'the farmer' and his farm. I have pictures from Melissa I need to post on here of the kids at the farm.

Our neighborhood has Santa drive around one night in December. The fire truck leads the way with sirens and Santa follows behind and hands out candy. Last year we were late and only saw the back of the car, so this year we went out early to make sure we saw him.

Aunt Lirpa made their Christmas pajama pants so we tried to get some pictures. Usually if all three kids are in a picture it ends up being a wrestling match. Unfortunately for Noah, the babies gang up on him. Thanks April, the kids love their pants.

Well, it looks like it publishes it, but it put the pictures in the wrong order. I will have to practice with it. At least this will appease my mother.


Jeff said...

Ava would fit right in around here with our girls. She's already following the dress code

mommaquincy said...

Fun times!