We headed towards Tahoe to find some snow.  We pulled off the highway and found a great sledding spot to spend a few hours.

There was a beautiful little creek right behind us.  COLD!!!
Kelli brought this fun little sled that Ava and Grant loved.

Grant went up and down this hill and would slide down on his bottom.   Noah went down a gazillion times too on the sled.  Ava wasn't too keen on going down the hill, but eventually she started going down a small slope.  We went with Kelli, Megan, Jen and their families. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy some of our sledding videos.


bethany said...

Looks like FUN! I mostly love that Ava's snowsuit looks like one you probably wore in the nineties. Keep it in the fam!

Our Family said...

Snow! How exciting! I am not sure where the closest snow is to us... How's CA? I love the new dog (Christmas Morning post). She's so cute!

mammasweet said...

We're so hoping that no one was hit by the sled. It looked pretty close a couple of times! Glad you had fun.

The Yoder's Four said...

I was like, Snow?? Oh wait. They're in the mountains.

I want to move to California.