We Miss Our Cousins Already

When Mary told me they were considering moving to New York, I didn't think too much about it.  This was about the fifth plan in a 2 week span (I think it's a Wilson thing, we do the same thing).  A few weeks later when they actually started selling ALL their belongings, I knew this was actually going to happen. I have had a really hard time with them moving.  Our kids LOVE playing with each other and get along so well.  We have done a ton of fun stuff together, and Mary has become one of my best friends.  I've tried not to think about all the things we won't get to do together, so it doesn't seem like such an awful idea that they are moving across the country.  Not that their decision to move is an awful idea, just the fact that we won't get to see them very often, and now we don't have any cousins nearby.  We really are excited for their new adventure.  It will be fun to see what life is like for them in upstate New York. 
 On their way to Utah, they stopped by our house for a few days, so we could get in one last hurrah.  I was amazed that they got EVERYTHING they now owned in the back of their suburban.  One of the only things that didn't get sold or donated were their bunnies.  My kids were thrilled that they got to play with them at our house.
 Unfortunately, Char was sick until the last few hours before they left.  Noah was bummed, but they did get in a little playing still.
 My kids still don't quite understand that their cousins don't live here anymore.  Especially since we've seen Min (he doesn't move for a few more months) a few times since the cousins left.  They still ask to go to Char's house.
 Ava and Noah still haven't learned the concept of letting the animals have some peace.  They wanted to be holding or chasing the bunnies the ENTIRE time.  They both do it with Nala too.  I think I yell, "LEAVE THAT DOG ALONE" at least 50 times a day.

 We are so excited for the Yang family and all the adventures they will experience back east.  Even though it means we will be far away from each other, we completely understand how exciting it is to move to a new place and figure out your new surroundings. It's actually quite addicting.  I used to think I wanted to settle in one place, but now that we've moved around a lot, we find ourselves always looking for our next grand adventure. Don't worry, we are staying put for awhile.
Our last second effort to get a picture.  Lionel wasn't having it, so Mary held him while she was brushing her teeth. :)
 We miss our cousins so much already.  I hope my kids will always remember the fun times they had with their cousins.  Not that those fun times are over, I just know they won't be as often as before.  Good luck Mary, Min, Charlotte, Freddie, Lionel and baby girl on your next grand adventure.  We can't wait to come visit and play with all the animals. 
We Love You!!

(We're still secretly praying that after a few winters they get sick of that weather and move back to sunny California :) Talking about living in snow, and actually living in snow are two completely different things! Just sayin'.)


Becca said...

So sad that they will be far away. Maybe you should also move...to Arizona. New cousin adventures!!!

Mary said...

We miss our cousins too! And our bunnies! Charlotte and Freddie keep asking if they can call Noah and share some insight--they think everything new they learn he'd like to know too:) Last night it was that California and Utah are BOTH in the United States of America and there are 50 states altogether! Sadly, I didn't have my cell phone and we missed the opportunity to call. I love all those kids and will really miss our time together. Let's set a reunion date sometime in May when you can meet the new baby and before we head farther east. Love you!

bethany said...

I totally know the feeling of getting addicted to moving. It is definitely a wilson thing. Maybe we should all move to the next place together. I am thinking North Carolina. Any thoughts?

mammasweet said...

Sometimes it's the 'hard easy way' to plan your life. Moosism. We all just need to spend as much time with family as we can and look for ways to serve each other wherever we live.

Rachelle said...

Gash, Connie can make any person feel like a coward with that sweet, Christ-like attitude. You thought you were sweet and meek? FALSE! I just love her. Love the Yangs too. I wish they were living in SLC actually. I believe Marv and me could get real weird together real fast. You've been doing a good job updating this thing seester, it pleaseth me much. I'm excited to come out and see you. I hope you have insane amounts of fun, and of course, food to help keep me satisfied;). Love ya