Ava turns 4!!

 4!! It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since this cute little stinker joined our family. Somehow, every year Ava has had family (besides us) around to celebrate her birthday.  This year was no exception.  She had the Yang family, uncle Eli and aunt Leah here to party with us.
 Ava thought it was fun to open presents, but the other kids enjoyed her presents more than she did.  All she cared about was the princess cake.
 She got a barbie fishing pole (uncle Min has been taking the kids fishing in the creek quite a bit since they have been here), an under the sea building set thing and a shapes magnetic board thing (sorry not sure what they're really called).

Ava's princess cake.
This princess is the first time I've tried a fondant person.  Not quite like I envisioned, but Ava loved it.  The little blue birds were my favorites.
 Our little landing upstairs is great for fishing practice.
 Princess Ava (Charlotte was so sweet and helped Ava get all dressed up in her princess paraphernalia - thanks grandma Connie and grandpa Rob).

Happy Birthday Ava.  We love you so much.


Ty * April said...

Wow, it seems like yesterday that we were all waiting for you guys to get home with her. We were so excited to see her. We still are. She is such a stinker! We love her sass!

Becca said...

Happy birthday, Ava girl! And Summer, enough already! Where do you get the energy to do it all? UGH. (and by "ugh" I kind of mean "wow")

mommaquincy said...

Every time you outdo yourself! I am sitting here with my jaw dropped in awe! She really does look like a princess!

The Yoder's Four said...

Love her dress and the cake!! And her hair! Happy birthday Ava!

PS. The mud pic in the last post cracks me up. LOL