Loads of Pictures from my Phone

 Warning:  Tons and Tons of pictures.  This should keep my mom happy for a few days. :)
These are from about May-current.
-Chasing turkeys-
Nature walk at the Effie Yeaw nature preserve.   Basically just like the greenbelt/creek by our house, only bigger.  

The kids like going here to run around and explore.  One of the trails does lead to the American River, so the kids get to play in the river too.
 They were taking the owl somewhere, and we happened to be on the path at the right moment.  The lady let the kids get fairly close and told them all about him.
 Playing with cousins in San Francisco.  I think this is the only picture I took the entire time.  When April's around I don't feel the need to carry my camera around.
 Of course, we've been busy with house projects.  Here the boys are spreading leveling cement so we could lay the hardwood floors.
 I have 100's of pictures on my phone taken by Noah.  He likes to steal my phone and just shoot pictures of everything.  It's funny to see what he finds picture worthy.  I have quite a few of Nala's behind. :)
 Noah picture
 Noah picture
 Lots and lots of swimming - opened the pool mid-April and have been swimming ever since. 
I think Ava's hair is permanently green.

Mid-construction.  Our dining and front living room were filled to capacity with the old kitchen cabinets, old and new appliances and the stuff from inside the old cabinets.  Seeing this picture makes me even more happy to have a functioning kitchen again.  
 Washing dishes outside.
 Finished the floors and cabinets in.  Waiting for countertops and appliances.  (I promise the post about the kitchen, and the after shots will be coming soon)

 Who's body part does this belong to?
One of the many made-up games we played on the drive to Utah.
 My garden was a joke this year.  I was lazy and didn't really care for it that well.  We did get a lot of carrots.  We planted a variety of carrots, so the kids thought it was fun pulling them up to see what color they got.
 White carrots are also white on the inside.  Purple carrots are ORANGE on the inside.  Weird!
 Sleeping on the tramp (Grant didn't last long).  Ava and Noah stayed the whole night (Adam joined them).  It's hard to get them to sleep when it's light outside until 9:30 or later.

 Testing out his new skis.

 A little nervous. First time trying to ski.
 Flagger boy.
 Tube rides.
 Our drivers.
 LOVE living in an area with so much ag.  The produce is so yummy.
 Ice cream anyone?!
 Noah's kindergarten graduation
Granty started soccer.  He only went one time, and then said he was done.  He was ready for baseball.
 Adam skiing with Ava.  She did NOT like it. 

 Grant skiing.  He thought it was cool.
 Charlotte got up first try, and then on her second try she went for a long time. 
 Baby Rosie's first boat ride.
 Uncle Eli tormenting the kids on the tube.
 Ava and Grant decided that Ava should go to soccer instead of Grant.  Ava happened to be wearing Grant's shorts already, but then they came up with the idea that she should also wear his shirt, hat and cleats.  She's a cute boy.  She even wore Grant's name tag, and every time someone would call her Grant, she took off her hat and looked at me with a smile and say, "mom, it's really me, Ava". :)

 More Noah shots
 At a bunny birthday party.  Got to play with real bunnies.
 Watching a movie in the playhouse.  They were planning on sleeping in there, but came in before the movie was even over.
 Roller skating with cousins.
 Lionel and Grant watching from the side lines.
 Char always poses when she knows I'm taking her picture.

 Lot's of cousin time this summer.
 Train museum.

 Superhero, princess Ava.
 The great hulk - Grant
 Our 4th of July ward breakfast.

 Our primary singing for us.
 Primary bike parade
 Picking blackberries at the creek.
 Noah was no help, and just climbed trees.
 Lionel was very willing to devour the 'fruits of our labor'.

 American River
 Folsom lake

 Ice skating for Charlotte's birthday.

 Watching the hokey players
 Smiley baby Rosie at the ice rink.
 Playing at the creek.

 Loving the cousins.
 Dinner with friends.  Celebrated my friend, Jen's, 40th birthday.
 We did karaoke afterward.  Haven't done this since Guam, and everyone there was drunk.
Wow, did you make it?  I'm impressed if you did.  Next I'll try to upload the videos from my phone.


mammasweet said...

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart goes out to you for taking such good care of the kids. We'll try to come in September. Ava's ice cream made Rob extremely jealous. I'm calling Charlotte right now to talk about water-skiing...

The Yoder's Four said...

Your kids are having a packed summer! So fun!

I LOVE YOUR NEW FLOORS. Can't wait to see more!!

ellisgomez said...

Ahhh so much fun :) Levi was looking at this post with me and I think he wants to be one of your kids!