The Rest of the Hurricane Trip

 Checking out the Raccoon my mom caught in her trap.  Noah LOVES animals, so he was in heaven at my mom's house, especially since he got to play with a snake.
 Went and checked out the baby chicks at my dad's work.  I think Ava is 'loving' this poor thing a little too much.
 Baby puppies at my mom's neighbors house.

 Skateboarding chick
 Noah learning the ropes of the cabin and Kolob.
 Very colorful cold weather clothing. :) Getting ready to go on a razor ride with grandpa.  It was fun being at the cabin with grandma and grandpa. 

 I'm still hearing about the dead headless dear they found on the razor ride.
 The cabin looks amazing since the last time we were there. 
 Grant trying to pick up Ava. There new favorite game.

 What the life.  Watching a movie with popcorn and frozen thin mints.
 Noah found all sorts of treasures at the cabin.

 My mom was so nice to watch Nala for us while we were at Luke's house.  She was a bit nervous without us around, so she was happy to be sleeping nearby 'her' kids at the cabin finally.
 Story time with grandpa.
 My mom found a king snake eating one of her baby chickens. 
 Ava and Dunford.
 My kids couldn't even look at Dunford without mentioning how HUGE he is. :)
Noah was SOOOO happy that my mom found the king snake.  He loves reptiles, and was ecstatic that he got to play with this snake.

 Noah didn't want to leave the snake alone.

Ava thought the snake needed to eat one of the chicken eggs (it didn't).
We got to meet baby Oliver for the first time too. He is adorable. Gus let us come play at his house for awhile too.  (stole these from Em's blog)
We did a lot of other things too, but I realize now that I didn't pull out my camera much besides the reunion.
 Our time in Hurricane is usually chuck full, but we don't mind because we get to be with our family and friends.


Melissa Scott said...

Since you left, Dunford has been put on weight management dog food. Maybe it was all of the "he is as big as a monster" comments...

Summer said...

Ha. That's funny. Dogs on diets. :) they still talk about dunford. In fact today we were watching rio and the kids said the bulldog on there looked like a small dunford.

Becca said...

I love the chick on a skateboard! And what breed is Dunford?

Summer said...

English Bulldog.

The Yoder's Four said...

Nice cabin!! I used to own a pet king snake as a kid. They are so pretty. Can't believe how much the fam has grown!