Wilson Reunion 2013

 Warning: TONS of pictures!!
This year was Luke's turn to host the reunion, so we were in H-town for a few days.  Luke's house is great for a big crowd. 
Adam taking the kids on lawn mower rides.  Mino looks possessed in this picture.
 Beth and Jane
 Behind Luke's house is a pecan orchard - perfect for a rope swing. 
Luke swinging Kate high into the trees.

 Cute sisters (Brooke and Kate) waiting patiently for their turn on the swing.
 Grant was enamored with Luke the whole time.  After all he has a big truck and trailer AND a digger in his backyard!  Grant would follow Luke around just waiting for him to recognize him.  So funny.
 Noah getting a turn in the digger.
 Jan was a trooper for letting us bombard her house while being 7 months (although she looked 9+ months - her words, not mine) pregnant.
 Kate holding baby Rosie.  She's going to be a great big sister when her new baby sister arrives.
We thought (they ended up coming back to Cali for a few weeks before heading to New York) this was going to be our first, and last time, seeing baby Rose for awhile.  I tried to get in as much baby snuggling as I could.
 We went to Sand Hallow to play in the water and have a picnic.

 Eli taking a picture of me, while I was taking a picture of him.
 We had been missing our Yang cousins in California.  I don't think Charlotte and Noah separated much during the entire vacation.
 Sweet little Janers
 Luke posing with Molly's Nipple in the background (might want to hang this one on the wall, Jan).  Noah could not look at that mountain without asking, "Why do they call that Molly's Nipple?", and then laughing his boonie off. EVERY TIME! :)

 Mommies watching the dads and kids play in the water.  No, I am not breast feeding baby Rose - just trying to keep the wind off of her.
 Auntie/Uncle Leah arrives.
 Wilson Olympics
Standing long jump
 Everyone had to do every event.

 20+/- meter dash

 Leah was the finish line.

 Stilt walking

 Bum wars

 Proud to say I was the overall champion of the bum wars.
 Shoe-swing-toss (flip your shoe off as you swing to see how far it goes).
 The bystanders.
 Adult stilt walking.

 Our shirts for this year were great.  
'Reedee Romp' - a Moose'ism meaning, way to go or you can do it.
 Back of the shirts.
Zuma stands for a pair of crazy shorts that Moose used to wear all the time for 20+ years. And the donut Olympic symbol stands for our version of Wilson Olympics.  
Great shirts.
 Waiting to choose a prize for their efforts in the Wilson Olympics.
 Leg wars.

 Saturday we decided to brave the heat and do a little hike at Red Cliffs. 
Some of the kids standing inside a tree hit by lightning.

 There were a few other groups there jumping off the cliffs into the ponds.
 Picnic after the hike.
 Leah and all her admirers.  She always has a large following of little people.
 Princess Jane didn't really like the great outdoors. :)
 Then, we bombarded the Ballard pool (sorry April for crashing your family pool time) for swimming and pizza.

 Sunday after church, Min blessed baby Rosie.
 Charlotte and Mary getting Rosalind ready for her blessing.
 All the cousins (minus Grant and Rosie) getting ready to listen to the blessing.

 Cute mommies
Contrary to what this picture looks like, Rosie is such a sweet good baby. 

 Ended the reunion with the talent show.
Here are just a few. Grant hit a baseball.
 Ava did tricks on the tramp.
 Kate did a dance.
 Charlotte hula-hooped.
We didn't end up getting a group shot for some reason.  
Thanks Luke and Jan for hosting this year.  It was really nice to be all together, and I know our family had a great time.


Jessica said...

Oh my! That looks like SO much fun. So great to spend time with family!!

Ty * April said...

We didn't mind being bombarded. The kids had fun swimming with someone other than their mom and dad. Glad we could spend time with you guys. (I really need you to email me that picture of Boston in the pool. I love it!)

Melissa Scott said...

I love the shirts!!

The Yoder's Four said...

I haven't seen Jana for so long~ she's still beautiful as ever! Looks like you had fun with all the cousins. Red Cliffs looked hot.