Fern Canyon

 Got a little sidetracked with school starting, and well.....life.  This post is about our Redwood trip from last month.  We went to Fern Canyon after we hit up the big trees, and this was the kids favorite hike. 
 I admit, it was pretty amazing!  There were lots of little 'bridges'/boards to cross.
 Lots of trees to climb over,
 huge walls of vibrant green ferns to gawk at,

 rocks and other obstacles to maneuver over or around,
 and cool weeping walls to get wet by.
 This place was really neat.  You are walking between two huge walls, COVERED in moss and ferns.

 My little explorer Noah could have spent the whole day here.  If you get close to the walls and look closely, you can find strange little creatures and unusual plants living on the wall.

 We turned around and came back, because some of the trees and obstacles looked a bit much for our youngsters (most of the trees and rocks you have to climb over are wet, because of the misty seeping walls, so it was slippery).
 Noah really wanted to stay in Fern Canyon, so we promised to go to the beach.  This beach was right by Fern Canyon.

 Of course, Noah found lots of 'treasures' (AKA junk).  This beach had lots of rolling sand hills, so the kids played in the bottom of the hills.
 Grant flying off his hill.
He loved running and jumping full throttle off the top. Nice soft landing.  
One more post to finish up our Redwood adventures.


Mary said...

Wow! Such a beautiful place! Don't you ever hand the camera to Adam so he can take pictures of YOU?

bethany said...

That looks so cool! The beach looks so nice. Squish your babies for me.

Ty * April said...

WOW!!! That is so pretty. We may have to plan a vacation there.

The Yoder's Four said...

Gorgeous! I would love to go there someday! So green and enchanted looking.

Our Family said...

Excellent adventures!