Bear nearby

This bear was wandering near our house and in our greenbelt on Sunday. Pretty crazy.  (Video taken by police department)
This is actually at a house next to Noah's school playground.  Guess that's why the bear is on our state flag. 

Just wait until I tell you about our bear encounter camping a few weeks ago.  Once I get caught up on posts you might hear about it. :) 

We've been busy doing what we do best.........tearing apart this house.  We have 1 month and counting until our next guests arrive, and the downstairs bathroom currently is gutted to the studs and has a hole going out to the garage.  We have high expectations of not only finishing it in 30 days, but also doing ALL (including building the vanity, shower, and counter top) by ourselves.  Ha, we're crazy. 


Mary said...

Wow! Wow! As if you haven't had enough bear encounters to last a lifetime. Did they catch it and release it into a safer place? What was he doing in Roseville anyway? Looking forward to pix of the bathroom.

The Yoder's Four said...

Good luck with the remodel! It's going to be fabulous, whatever you do.

mammasweet said...

Your watch dog with take care of you! She barks at everything. How are you liking fall in Roseville?