Final Redwood post

 Our last day of Redwood trees we went south of Eureka to "Giant tree" and "Tall tree" in Rockefeller forest.  These were the biggest trees we saw the entire trip. Amazing groves of hundreds of ENORMOUS trees.

 This forest had a lot of fallen trees which were just as impressive.  Can you imagine one of those things falling? 

I tried to photoshop a bunch of pictures together to show how tall this tree was.

 There are tree trucks and lumber yards all over.  They said that only 5% of the Redwood parks are remaining due to lumber jacking.  Almost makes me want to be a tree hugger........almost. We'll try it in moderation.
 These lumber yards were very impressive though.  I made Adam pull of the road a few times to get a picture.  It's hard to tell just how tall and big those redwood lumber piles are.

 We also drove thru the Avenue of the Giants on our way back to the hotel.  It's a road just off the highway where the road takes you thru miles of humongous trees.  Very impressive. 
The next day we drove down Hwy 101 and stopped in Santa Rosa to say a quick hello to Eli, and then headed home.  It was a fun trip.  Truly incredible scenery and amazing sites.


Mary said...

Can you tell I check your blog every hour? J/K but it seems like I check it just after you post every time! I remember someone telling me that redwoods have really shallow roots and they topple easily. How can they stick around long enough to grow into the giants they are with such shallow roots?

Mary said...

Dear Wilsons, I miss you. We're having a great time at New York. It's fall now. We know that when it's fall it's very close to winter. We're hoping that you can come and visit for Christmas or after Christmas. We hope you're having a good time. And Rosie is getting chubbier and chubbier every day. Love, Charlotte

Ty * April said...

Mary, Ty gave a talk in church about that very question. Redwoods have do have shallow root systems but they spread out and intertwine with others. So by helping each other they stay up. Can you see what correlation he made in his talk. :) awesome pictures as usual Sum! Scary about the bear. I don't think I would have stayed the whole night.

Mary said...

Ah ha!
thanks to Ty for the clarification!

Our Family said...

When we come visit, we will have to plan a visit to the park! We would love to see it.

mammasweet said...

From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters, This Land was Made for Me and You! Cool pictures, guys. I think Caitlyn drove home through there yesterday. I got a nice little thank you note from Baileys for the piano. Good idea, Adam.

mommaquincy said...

Wow! Impressive trees!