Phone photos

 Haven't empty my phone photo's on here for awhile, so these are from the past couple of months. 
Hot glue gun art.  Their names are still faintly visible on the counter top. ;)
 Noah was sent home with this person cut out and told to decorate it.  We came up with a scuba diver.  He did the cutting out and gluing.  I helped with the mask and tracing. Turned out cute.  It hangs in his classroom all year.
 These two are either worst enemies, or best buddies.  This particular day they were best buddies; the mom and dad to be exact.  I really need to get them playing together on film.  It's really funny.  When they are in character, Grant calls Ava "mom", and Ava calls Grant "honey".

 We went to the Sacramento recreational park to go kayaking.  This goose followed the kids around everywhere (I'm sure it's because they were feeding him their lunch).

 We made shadow puppets for Halloween to make night time story telling a bit more interesting.
 Of course, lots of house projects going on here.  We've had our railing unattached for about 2 months.  A kid death trap waiting to happen.  We just got our new one on a couple weeks ago.  Happy to say no one fell off the landing.  The new one is so nice, and up to code.  Don't have to worry about little heads getting stuck in the bars anymore.
 We tore out the basement bathroom, and the mirror was in the playroom.  I let the kids paint on the mirror with my chalkboard markers, and then they decided to lick off the markers.

 They thought they were so funny.
 We couldn't stand looking at our DISGUSTING carpet in the living room, so one night Adam and I decided we'd rather live with cement floors.  It happened to be a few days before General Conference, so we let the kids draw pictures all over the floor during the sessions.  Still no carpet, but we're getting closer to getting it.
 Went to our ward Fall festival.  I like that our ward doesn't do Trunk-or-treats.  I think they are lame.....anyway, the kids always have a great time and the Fall Festival. Lot's of games, food and friends.

 Babysitting baby Ellie.  I took this picture to send to Adam at work that day, and asked him who's thighs were chunkier?  I would have to say Ellie.
 Went to Noah's school carnival.  The coyote is a bit creepy looking, but Noah thinks it's so cool that they have a mascot.  Ava looks possessed.
 Ava getting her face painted.
 My noodle maker helpers. 
 Grant's first time at the dentist.  He did great and was so excited for his new toothbrush and token (the token buys them a price in the toy machine).
 Ava's first time at the dentist.  She did great too.  I'm amazed at how brave these kids are.  I can tell they are a little nervous, but they don't even whimper and do just what they are asked to do. 
Noah's in to making his hair crazy these days.  He likes to get it really wet, then take a brush and comb his hair straight up, and in all directions.  We were waiting to get flu shots and he wanted to see his hair.  :)  Again, all three kids didn't make one little peep when they got their shots.  The pharmacist kept going on and on at how brave they all were. 


The Yoder's Four said...

Ava and Grant crack me up!!

How fun to let the kids draw on the floors. Hope you get some new carpet soon!

ellisgomez said...

I love your kids! They are so dang cute and obviously lucky kids to have you and Adam for parents! The picture of Ava and Grant smooching will keep me smiling for a long time!

Mary said...

My kids all laughed and laughed at the Ava and Grant snuggle pictures. Noah's crazy hair came in second place. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing b/c it makes us all so happy.

bethany said...

Adam looks ripped in the canoe/kayak. He's so hot these days. Thanks for the pics.

bethany said...

"Dear Noah Wilson,
I always been missing you a lot because you live in California. Noah, I just want you to come down at my village. And I lost two teeth, did you know that? How many teeth have you lost? Noah.... I'm a little bit scared at night. Sometimes it's a little bit spooky! So, Noah, how are you doing this year? We love you"

Becca said...

Sooo, it's been a while! I haven't even looked at blogs (let alone blogged myself) for months. I am trying to catch up. I had to comment on the cement floor. US, TOO! Except We ripped it out in March. And we won't be getting flooring for at least another few months (which will probably turn out to be more). Sigh. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I LOVE your home improvement posts! I like your kids, too. :)