No more training wheels at this house

 September 15 (wow, I'm behind)
Ava and Grant have been ready to take off their training wheels for awhile now, but their parents have been too lazy to just do it.
 They have both been riding on the balance bike like maniacs, so I knew it would be an easy transition.  For the first 15 minutes or so they were a little hesitant (to be expected), but once they realized they could do it, it was easy-peasy.
 Adam is always the one to hold on to the seat and run along side them. 
I always volunteer to be the photographer. :)
 Of course, starting and stopping was a bit rough at first, but they caught on to that after a few days of practice.  When we were teaching Noah, we didn't realize that learning to start going on a bike is just as tough as learning to balance and pedal on a bike.  Oh the things we learn as newby parents. The babies are both really comfortable riding now, and it's so nice to be able to go on actual bike rides with all of them now.

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